Monday’s Blues

April 13, 2015

It wasn’t a terrible day, but it wasn’t the greatest, either. It was storming, the kids were cranky, I overslept a little, and I didn’t get in a morning workout. No morning workout means I’m cranky and still half-asleep on the commute to work.

I was busy as a one-armed paper hanger last night and I was listening to the MTV Movie Awards for one reason only: Shailene Woodley and The Fault in Our Stars. I just recently read the book, after learning Shai was in the movie, of course. Now I’m on a big John Green kick and ready to devour more of his work. However, the movie was AMAZING and I wanted it to win and win big. An added bonus to the wins was the acceptance speech from Shai. All of them.

2015-04-13 07.52.26

Moving on, check out my bone broth from last night. It was boiling hot so I let these sit on the counter and seal. These are turkey, chicken, and beef bones. I drink a cup each morning and sometimes at night, too. It depends on whether or not I need extra gut-healing and right now, I certainly do. I had a pretty severe gluten contamination from 2 things: new face cream and flour from cooking for Stephen. This also explains why yesterday’s run was rough and I’m already exhausted from work today. More broth and fermented foods, please.

2015-04-13 05.49.40-1

My newest stash of “hippie oils” as my awesome brother-in-law calls them. These are Native American Nutritionals and I’ll have a whole separate blog post about them after I try them out. I did my research before buying these.

2015-04-13 07.03.08

Lunch! I made this great big pot of thai coconut soup that has sweet, sour, salty, and spicy all mixed into one bowl. I LOVE this stuff. Breakfast was a big bowl of nothing and this was lunch.

2015-04-13 10.39.57

Not much to say about a Monday, but tomorrow is the dreaded Tuesday. I’m optimistic that I will survive the day Winking smile


Weekly Menu April 13

April 12, 2015
april 13

+-*Another week, and time to buckle down on Whole 30. I plan to start Tuesday. I had a rough run of a few weeks with flu and pneumonia and while I did have my fair share of sweet coffee and tea, I had WAY too many white potatoes and rice soups. I have puffed up to a new oblivion and I feel uncomfortable in my clothes. Since my BEST days are during a Whole 30, and the cravings go away, I’m ready for a spring round. Hopefully, this won’t be me. Food pics, new recipes from new review Paleo Cookbooks, Instagram feed crammed with #whole30, and the first initial griping about no sugar is on the way. Aren’t you ready to subscribe???

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7 Tips for Farmers’ Markets

April 11, 2015

+-*One of the best ways to really get back-to-the-basics of a real food eating plan is to look for the local farmers’ markets. I’m very fortunate to live in the South where a Saturday and a mid-week market is easy to find. Our local growing season is long and plentiful. One of the biggest perks of a local market is the price because farmers sell direct to the consumer. You can meet your local farmers, talk to them about sustainable farming, find out if they practice organic gardening , if that is important to you.  Getting an “organic” certification is timely and costly. Many farmers have organic practices in place, so just ask! Before you head out for an adventure in farmers’ markets, here are some tips for beginners. 1. Start out early, but not TOO early. Most stalls (whether […]

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The day dawns

April 7, 2015
2015-04-10 10.31.07

+-*Tuesday arrived again but not with the same dread as usual. I’m sick..again…and the pollen count isn’t helping. But the day wasn’t a total waste. Check out my new Divergent stickers and some blog love from Krissyanne Designs! I LOVE her (mostly) Dauntless stickers and her entire shop makes me smile. Huge. My morning workout shirt. This is a huge favorite in my Tshirt arsenal. It’s perfect for those morning CrossFit workouts when I’m not fully awake and my second language takes over…sarcasm. The 3…2….1…go! is a classic CrossFit mantra. Keep scrolling for the workout. More love for Primal Life Organics. I’m not happy with the aluminum in most anti-persperants. I’m also not happy with smelling like a bushwhacker buffalo in June, either. I’ve heard nothing but good things about this Pit Stick (now called STICK UP) so I decided […]

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