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September 22, 2014

in Running,Tuscaloosa

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day for a run along the heart of Tuscaloosa, RiverWalk. Over the past few years, this area has really developed into something great.

I took my time since I’m slowly starting back and really took notice of the changes along the river.

Game day in Tuscaloosa means the boats are arriving for tailgating on the water.



Rowers. The new rowing facility is finished. I’ll get pics next weekend :)


Riverwalk has several of these pull out docks so you can get closer to the water. The autumn colors are not here yet, but the air is getting cooler.


Barge traffic


Up around the Quad, things were buzzing for the Alabama-Florida game.

Denny Chimes

denny chimes

Party at the Presidents’ house.


Stadium view.

bryant denny

Tailgate prep. This was a few hours before kickoff.


SEC Nation was broadcasting live from the stadium grounds. Tim Tebow was on deck. And he picked Alabama to win tonight. He even wore a Houndstooth hat, replica of the The Bear hat. Tim being a Florida alumni, this was interesting.


Those were the many views seen on my run and drive this morning. I got almost 4 miles on Riverwalk so I was thrilled!

Photo Sep 20, 9 14 20 AM


Game Day Saturday

September 13, 2014

Yes, I’m still alive. It was a rough week and I went on a blogging hiatus. But Saturday is a fun day for me with Alabama football festivities all weekend so I’m going to try to join the land of the living again. We have tickets to tonight’s game. First, we have a big family brunch with Mark and Mona. It started out as a small “come eat some breakfast” before the game. Mona works for a large textile company and is in charge of fancy schmoozy tailgating. Think linen napkins on the Quad. She has been doing this for years and alternately loves and despises it. This is a rare Saturday when she does not have to be at the Quad at 6am setting up so she and I sat down in July to plan football weekends. This is […]

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Waiting on good news

September 12, 2014
2014-09-12 07.10.43

This morning, I got up bright and early to make 4 breakfast casseroles for the annual Hillcrest Football breakfast. Our congregation was responsible for food and the speaker so 5 of us showed up with a ton of food and our preacher. When the line ended, this is all that was left. A few scoops of breakfast bliss and some jelly. Then we got to hear a few words from Scott. He is our new preacher and he had some great thoughts for this team before they played tonight. After fighting the traffic back to Northport, the waiting began. It was my final post-op appointment. And I did get some good news. I have been cleared for all work and workout duty. There were some complications after my last attempt at working out and running so I had to wait […]

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Marching on

September 11, 2014

I have been working in after-school tutoring for a couple of weeks now and I love it! It is a little exhausting and I spend most of my nights either sleeping or attempting to find the happy balance between healthy cooking, working out, and stress-reduction. That all sounds great but all I’ve accomplished is keeping my husband and cat alive with random freezer selections and sleeping 10 hours at night. I think starting extra hours 2 days after surgery was a little much. And I’m working through it. I’m not beating myself up for not having a clean spotless house or a fantastically styled Paleo plate of food each night to share with everyone. This is my life right now. And I’m enjoying it. I know it won’t always be like this but I also realize I’m still dealing with […]

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A great day for shower

September 7, 2014
shower 13~

Mona, my partner in the Out-laws, has a large family and she loves to share them with anybody. I’ve watched her nieces and nephews grow up the past 10 years and now one of them is about to tie the knot. Because Mona is a superstar in the party-planning area, she took on the hosting job and let us join with her. It was a beautiful September day in AL. And like typical Southerners, we ignore the actual weather and pretend the fall weather is breaking down the door. It was a fun day with a load of guests, presents, food, and laughter. And…I got to use my white pumpkins!   The late-summer and fall season is FLYING by. I say this every years and I mean it every year. We cram our weekends with as many events and get-togethers […]

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A Perfect Saturday

September 6, 2014

Because Alabama played some football and we looked better than last week. That’s all I need for a perfect Saturday   Our quarterback situation is becoming more clear. Even in the rain and storms, we have the cars or under some shelter. Next week, I’ll be tailgating on the Quad! We will host University of Southern Mississippi at 5pm. I’m ready to ROLL TIDE ROLL!

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A Taste of Tuscaloosa

September 6, 2014
another broken egg 2

It’s Game day here in T-Town and I love how Tuscaloosa comes alive with the excitement over a possible Alabama win. By whole town, I mean the WHOLE TOWN. You won’t have to look around more than once to see the Alabama love. This morning, I decided to get in a long walk (no running yet..not fast anyway) by the river and get some breakfast at a new place called Another Broken Egg Cafe. What drew me to this place is location and menu. It’s directly on the river and easily accessible from River Walk and the do NOT use pancake batter in their omelets. I know many places that do and I have to avoid them all. I got my order to go so I could sit by the river and look for rowers and boats arriving for the […]

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The Jicama stands alone

September 4, 2014

Our county is doing a “special snack” program with our school. It involves delivering a snack to all our students three days a week. The program started yesterday with trays of raw celery and a small cup of ranch dip. The kids loved it, mostly because anything dipped in ranch is going to be flavorful. However…today was a little different. These are deceiving. The kids thought they were trays of cheese sticks or apple slices. They could not wait to tear into these. I wisely did not tell them what they were because I wanted them to try it first. I should have told them. There is nothing worse to a 5 year old than food disappointment. What they thought tasted like cheese or apples actually tasted like Styrofoam. Not one child liked it. I have to be honest. I […]

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