I’ve never been known to stick to the rules. With a title like that, one would think this is my first blog post. Interestingly enough, my first blog post is titled “The Flu is a lovely thing”. I seriously just opened up a Blogger account and started with stream-of-conscious words about running and dealing with a long battle with IT band problems.

So why now? After almost 2,000 blog posts why am I now using this title? Mostly because I know I have taken a long break since the house selling and move 4 weeks ago and honestly, my posts have been sporadic since January. I have used this time to really reflect on my blog from a personal and professional viewpoint. While this little corner of the internet started out as a place to talk about running, it became a healthy living blog incorporating daily posts about fitness and food and I’m absolutely going to continue down that path. Along the way, I’ve turned this hobby into a small business that does generate some revenue from mostly food photography. I learned about photography first from a year-long project in self-portraits and then moved to food. I had many trials and errors until the good folks at Foodgawker and Tastespotting took notice and posted my pictures. One not-so-great (really..zucchini…it’s one of my most bland pictures) recipe was picked it by Buzzfeed and now this blog is supplementing my teacher salary more than I ever thought. I’ve had some truly amazing opportunities and I’ve checked off some bucket-list items.

But along the way, I started wondering the whats and whys. What do I like to write about? What is my blog really about? When I have those “I want to blog this!” moments, what are they about? Why do I even blog? Who is my audience? And I realized that although I have decent page views, I’m not sure I have a well-established audience. My ad publishers tell me that it’s better to have more “unique” viewers than return viewers. That means more revenue. But I think there should be a healthy balance of both. If I’m honest with myself, I know why I do not have an audience. I do not blog regularly and lately, it’s haphazard. I’m not very active in my niche blogger network. I’ve been too busy with life to actually enjoy and write about life. So, things are about to change. For the better.

After many weeks of really thinking about this, I think I’m finally ready to re-introduce myself to the tiny corner of the world that checks in for more than just a recipe for spiked cough medicine (it’s a great recipe for actual coughs, too!). I truly enjoy writing and I have a knack for the dry humor and side-eye sarcasm that many people in “real life” appreciate about me.

What is Katrina Runs for Food? What can viewers expect to read?

  • First and foremost, it is a real-life look at the daily adventures at living and enjoying a healthy life. That means daily “life” posts that might include my fitness routine, my meals, thoughts, etc.
  • Running-training, races, struggles, gains, injury prevention, snake-wrangling, trail mud and road rash. Clothing reviews, Saucony love, gadgets and gizmos related to the miles.
  • CrossFit and strength-training. Chalk dust and sweat angels and Rhabdo and the most amazing group of people at CrossFit Candor. Stay tuned to that as I join my 5:30am class.
  • Recipes and cookbook reviews. I sincerely enjoy photography and I want to improve my rusty skills. Taking pictures of food is normal for me after 7 years of doing just that. My recipes are gluten-free (since 2012) and mostly Paleo because that works for me.
  • Sustainability is a big deal with me and my family. I’ve always enjoyed sharing farmer’s markets, local food venues, and farm-to-table experiences. That passion has only increased since we moved from a subdivision and are now working our own land.
  • Local business highlights, especially food venues. Tuscaloosa is in the beginning of a fantastic sustainability movement. I love being a part of that and will post often about what our town is doing with regards to health, fitness, and food venues.

If you are still reading, thanks for sticking with me this long. If you are a new viewer, thank you for taking few moments to see what I’m all about! And welcome to Katrina Runs for Food!

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Meal Prep in an RV Kitchen

April 3, 2016

Today was my first attempt at doing a long meal prep for both of us for the week. Today is the first time I tried to do this on this stove and tiny oven. I had grand illusions that I could do this, but it would just be an adjustment of total time. I knew I would only be able to use 2 stove burners and 1 9×13 pan at a time. I usually have 2-3 large sheet pans at the same time along with all 4 burners in my last kitchen…that I loved…and miss a lot. I had all my ingredients, my menu, my camera charged and ready, my phone ready, washed storage containers, a Netflix binge in progress,  and a fresh headband to keep the hair out of my face. I was prepared. What could go wrong?? Obviously, […]

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New Beginnings

April 1, 2016

  Here is what we started with. The shop is huge, but so is all our stuff. All the furniture is here and everything else we own. Over the next week, we hope to organize it and get a small sitting area ready next to the fridge, washer dryer, large sink for washing dishes. Here it is about a week later. Couch and treadmill, our recliners, dining area set up when we have family over, the “box closets”, shoe organizer for some of my running shoes, and chest of drawers for stuff we need, but not everyday stuff. I have found a few things that I really like about our RV. This spice pull-out is amazing. I want to build something like this in the new house. I have all my Penzeys in clear view and organized by savory, heat, […]

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New Endings

March 25, 2016

  Today is the day. We closed on our house. This was our very first house that bought in 2005, 4 months after we moved to Tuscaloosa. I honestly thought we would be here forever unless we had 5 kids. This is where we brought Frankie home, where he build his shop from the ground up, where we had the bright idea to refinish a table we bought from a lady in Memphis. We’ve had our share of heartbreaks but so many more laughs. This picture is the one that broke me. I have spent the past 2 weeks extremely sick from flu, bronchitis, then double pneumonia. I celebrated my birthday passed out from cough medicine. I do not remember much about how we managed to get all our stuff out and this house cleaned. But this picture of Stephen […]

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What I’m eating lately

March 14, 2016

Not sugar. That’s what I’m eating. And let me just say, I’m not thrilled. Sugar is my kryptonite. This is why Whole30 works so well for me because within a few days of cutting sugar, my body literally deflates. My face stops looking so puffy, my hands are normal, and my stomach loses a lot of bloat. Enough about that. In the middle of not having time (or finding pans) to cook with, I’m making do with random stuff. Chicken salad on a salad. I bought the chicken from Mary’s Cakes and Pastries. She is a fantastic gluten-free and Paleo baker, too. She has a great lunch menu depending on what she finds at the local River Market each Saturday. She was farm-to-table before it was cool Breakfast for lunch/dinner. If I have a basket of fresh eggs on the […]

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A brief hiatus..I promise.

March 11, 2016

This is my life. Chasing Frankie out of boxes. As soon as I get one taped and ready and/or packed, he needs to “help” me. We are packing furiously trying to get moved into the camper by next week. With Spring Break, my days and nights will be spent packing the house. Stephen is setting up the camper and wiring the shop (electrical and hot water) for his night-shift cell, the fridge, washer/dryer, freezers, my tub, the real toilet, and deep washing sink. And yes, we know it sounds like we should just live in the shop, but it’s not insulated and will not heat or cool. It’s huge and built to be a shop. We both have a herculean effort to give next week and I do not know if I can do much blogging…or cooking…but yes to running. […]

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Read Across America Week

March 4, 2016

It’s a hectic week. I’m recovering from the race and trying to get quality sleep. With Read Across America, Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and Adopt-a-School appreciation lunch, we are all pulling our hair out. Spring fever is taking over for all of us. Yesterday, a nice parent brought us a plate of these, along with a very complimentary note about our school faculty. Things like this help balance out the chaos of wild 5 year olds Today was Pajama AND Crazy Hair day. I participated fully. The amount of Hair Freeze (the closes thing to Aqua Net) needed for this ‘do is hilarious. But wearing pajamas to my job is certainly a perk. And of course, I ran into wal-mart just like this. Sock Monkey house shoes included. Happy Friday!

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Mission Accomplished! Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans

February 29, 2016

I have so many emotions going that I’m having trouble with the words. I’m absolutely ecstatic to have this medal in my hand. It means 2 years of doubt are over. Those lingering questions about whether or not I could return to running are over. The answer is definitely YES! As far as the race, this one was almost perfect. The crowd support was fantastic. We had people offer us beer, King Cakes, beignets, Chips Ahoy and other stuff that I could not eat. Gluten forever! I would have paid some coin for a banana. I committed almost every racing sin, including NOT having my own fuel. It’s like I forgot how many ways things can go wrong when running with a cranky pancreas. I had no gummies, gels, money, etc. The Gatorade and the 1 Glukos station were lifesavers…literally. […]

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On the road to NOLA

February 27, 2016

This weekend, I have a half-marathon in New Orleans. It is the first Rock ‘n’ Roll race of the year and my first half marathon in 2 years. This was supposed to be a 4-day race-cation for the both of us but it turned into a mad dash down to the coast of Alabama and then a 1-night stay in Nola before the race. We just sold our house and we have a very short window to find a temporary shelter (most likely a camper, park house, or tiny house) to live in until the house is built. A luxurious 4 days away from Tuscaloosa just isn’t going to happen. We stopped at 3 places and we think we found a true diamond among luxury cars. We learned that Camping World just isn’t for us. It was a bit on […]

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That Didn’t Take Long

February 22, 2016

That took approximately 2 hours.  We had spent the afternoon taking pictures and signing forms to officially put the house on the market Monday morning.  About an hour after we left, we got a phone call from our realtor. Another realtor had a client want to see the house. Keep in mind, our neighborhood is “out in the country”. It is literally carved out of a pine forest about 20 miles from downtown Tuscaloosa by road, about 14 miles direct. This other realtor had shown his client a house with our same exact floor plan. The colors were a little harsh in that house and they saw our newly hammered-in-the-ground sign and wanted to show it. Our realtor explained that it wasn’t officially on the market yet and they agreed to come see it at lunch time. We just got the […]

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It’s officially on the market!

February 21, 2016

It’s on the market! (It will be in the morning). We just put the sign up and now we are going to breath a sigh of relief, kick back, and enjoy NOT frantically cleaning, boxing, and moving. This thing will take a while to sell because of where we live. If we lived in town, I wouldn’t be worried. But we are out in the sticks and the only people who will look at our house are people who want to live in the sticks. So if you are in the Tuscaloosa area, come buy my house. Please.

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What I’ve been up to….

February 18, 2016

I know it’s been a while. A LONG while. Life has been crazy lately. We are hiding everything and boxing a lot. The rest is going in the garage. We are putting this house on sale very soon! The past few weeks have been busy with trying to organize and box and move stuff. Back in October, we bought property even deeper in the country that this house. Stephen put up his shop. This shop happens to be a little bit bigger in square footage than our current house. He built shelves, work benches, wired the lighting and outlets, and provided the stuff for plumbing. It will have a small bedroom for when he’s on night shift and a small bathroom. We are going to store all our stuff here after the house sells…which could take a few months due […]

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Rock ‘n’ Blog 2016 Ambassador

February 10, 2016
welcome image

  This came in my email this morning and I had to click it several times to believe it. I got in for another year of Run Rock ‘n’ Roll Ambassador!! Last year, this was the biggest honor of my year and I wish I had been healthy enough to run all the races that I planned, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I started training again in October for the upcoming New Orleans race. I didn’t feel very confident when I filled out the application for team 2016, but I knew I had to at least try and speak from my heart about the previous year. Not only did I get accepted, but I’ve already had the best start to training in January. I have the New Orleans half coming up late February and I hope to meet […]

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Carnitas & Haricot Verts

January 12, 2016

This is one of my most favorite meals and it’s all because of fat and flavor. I make a big pan of my favorite pork carnitas and each time, I find more ways to use them. I was late coming home last night and needed something quick. I already had the carnitas in the fridge. All I had to do is warm them up, melt some cheese, and saute the green beans. This was filling, quick, and it meets the lower carb guidelines for Altshift. To make the green beans, I simply added some frozen beans to the same pan I used to heat up the pork. I added some Garlic and Herb Kerrygold butter and sautéed them until they were done. Salt and pepper as needed. Haricot Verts are just young, skinny green beans. I love these stir fried […]

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Running Recap Jan 9

January 9, 2016

Guess what I’ve been doing? Taking a wagon-load of sinus infection medicine. I just love winter sickness. It makes running on fresh legs a foregone memory. Training for Rock ‘n’ Roll New Orleans is rough. I’m hitting a wall this week so I cut back on most days. I got a total of 10 miles this week which is NOT anywhere near what it should be. I chose to cut back and get some basic running and more walking miles when the coughing got too bad. I can’t risk another broken rib. I’ve been there and it hurts like hell. Holding out hope that next week is going to be better.

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