I woke up to this loveliness.


I love storms that are just some light thunder and heavy rain. I’m not fond of being shaken out of my bed by lightning and thunder AND the power out. That’s some crazy stuff I don’t need on Monday.

I got out some candles and carried on with my scheduled morning workout. Burpees by candlelight.

2015-03-30 06.00.17

I worked my arms good this morning. I’m serious about getting some “visible muscles” over the next year.

Next up was a quick hill workout on the TM. I’m trying out some new shoes and I love the latest version of Saucony Mirage 5. I wore out 2 pairs of the 4 so these were a great addition to my Saucony love line-up.

2015-03-30 06.40.36

Frankie had to check out the TM while I showered. He cracks me up. He also has his own hashtag on Instagram…#FrankieRuns

2015-03-30 06.22.55-1

I’m not sure if this is across the nation or just our county, but the school lunch situation is INSANE! I’m even more vigilant about bringing my own.

Chicken soup, chicken stir fry, oranges, and ham for after school.

2015-03-30 06.56.33

2015-03-30 06.59.50

After school, I braved Open Gym at my CrossFit and did the scaled version of the 15.5

27-21-15-9 Thrusters (45#) and Row (calorie 27-21-15-9). It was UGLY.


It was a great Monday and just for reading, let me share a meme that might come in handy. You’re welcome.

2015-03-26 19.58.35


Weekly Menu March 30

March 29, 2015
march 30

Another week, and time to buckle down on Whole 30. I plan to start Tuesday. I had a rough run of a few weeks with flu and pneumonia and while I did have my fair share of sweet coffee and tea, I had WAY too many white potatoes and rice soups. I have puffed up to a new oblivion and I feel uncomfortable in my clothes. Since my BEST days are during a Whole 30, and the cravings go away, I’m ready for a spring round. (serious image) (my real thoughts) Unfortunately..my oven is broken and I didn’t get a large prep-day completed. I made soup, grilled chicken, and a big vegetable stir fry and that’s all. I’m missing my roasted sweet potatoes, but I’ll make some on the stove top later this week. Food pics, new recipes from new […]

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Hills of Hell Spring Sprint Workout

March 25, 2015
hills of hell

This week, I’m focusing on getting out of the comfort zone. With this sprint workout, muscles are guaranteed to burn and tears may fall freely from wind-chapped faces. I’m talking about myself, here. I feel like I’m emerging from a long winter’s sleep due to the haze of cough medicine and pneumonia fog. And with the weather finally feeling better, I’m having a hard time finding excuses to skip out on outdoor workouts. Except this workout. I bet I can find plenty of excuses and that includes washing my hair. This one is a doozy.   The best part about this workout is when its over. It’s not for the faint of heart and the intensity depends 100% on the incline and length of the hill. Start with a bunny hill, and work up to the Big Kahuna. I have […]

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The Divergent Workout

March 24, 2015
divergent workout

When the producers of the first movie in the Divergent Series brought in trainer JJ Perry, he didn’t know what he would be dealing with. According to Perry, “I evaluated everybody right off the bat. I needed to see who was strong, who was fast, who was slow, who was flexible and who was tight.” His findings? No one had an athletic background— at all. With only 5 weeks to get some fitness results, Perry leaned heavily on boot-camp and body weight workouts mixed with some explosive HIIT moves. He worked his subjects (They called him Sgt. Slaughter) 3 hours a day to have them movie-ready. I am in no way suggesting the same routine for us who have day jobs, but these workout tips are perfect for getting ready for tank tops, building stronger quads and glutes, and developing […]

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