I have some exciting news!

I am working with Shape.com and Fitbit on an East Coast v. West Coast Blogger Challenge. If you already know you need, want, and love Fitbit, check out this link to the score board and enter to win a Fitbit Charge. New winners every week!

The challenge: Log as many steps and miles as my legs can handle.

The Reason: To help my teammates on the EAST COAST win Most Active Coast.

How: Using the Fitbit Charge to count all those steps and miles each week using the Blogger Challenge of the Week.

The Result: Ultimate bragging rights after the West Coast goes down with fizzle and the East Coast wins the Most Active Coast.

As most of you know, I’m basically starting over with running. This challenge is exactly what I needed to give me that extra spark of motivation to get in as many running workouts and additional steps/miles as I can. I’m not talking about long steady-state cardio. I’m talking about short HITT workouts or hopping on the treadmill during commercials or matching my treadmill minutes with my computer/smartphone minutes. Anything to get my feet moving is going to help my East Coast teammates. Getting in my 4 weekly running workouts is just the start. Finding ways to walk or move more is the real challenge.

How is all this going to work?

  • 10 of us from the East Coast are participating in the Blogger Challenge against 10 members of the West Coast. We are in a Fitbit group that we can access in our Fitbit profiles.
  • We were given a Fitbit Charge last week to start testing for the challenge. We will use it for the duration of the challenge. I will have more details about the device throughout the next few weeks as I use it.
  • The challenge uses 2 measures: Total STEPS and Total DISTANCE. The other measures are great tools, but only these 2 will be used for the leader board and final winner determination..which will be EAST COAST.
  • Each week, we will receive a specific challenge to help us gain our “10K everyday”. That’s 10,000 steps a day. We will receive the challenge on Monday of each week.
  • You can find the scoreboards at 2 locations. Check them out at anytime!
  • If you click those links, you can enter to win a Fitbit Charge EACH WEEK.
  • At the end of 4 weeks, the EAST COAST will be declared the most Active Coast. (I have ultimate faith in my team. We WILL WIN!).

What are the challenges?

Week 1 is to Get Outside to meet our goal. Well, that’s a little funny actually. Up until THIS WEEK, Alabama has enjoyed very favorable outside conditions. We may melt in May-September, but our October-December is usually beautiful with perfect weather conditions other than the severe weather days. But THIS WEEK, we broke records all over the place with the coldest weather in years. Getting outside last week would have been easy and enjoyable. This week, it’s been brutal. In fact, I’ve only had 1 outside workout so far. Look at this beautiful view.

I love the colors! But don’t let the beauty deceive you. It was 36* outside. To an Alabama girl, this is cold. Lung freezing cold. Shivering cold. But I know some of East Coast teammates are dealing with worse conditions so I sucked it up and went outside to run a quick HIIT workout. I ran intervals of 1min sprint/3 min walk. Then I came inside and thawed out.

I will definitely get outside more as the warmup continues Thursday-Sunday. Stay tuned and don’t forget to leave a comment to cheer on Team EAST COAST!

This post is sponsored by the Shape/Men’s Fitness FitBit Charge Challenge.


Monday’s Child is motivated

November 17, 2014

Does anybody remember that poem? This Monday’s child was ready to hit the ground running. I’ve got things to do and a life to get busy living! Today was busy. I was out of work last week to help Stephen after his shoulder surgery. Today was back to routine and I can’t lie. It was good to see the kids and good to spend my day doing a job I love. I would have loved to stay home and bury under the blankets while the temperatures dropped, but with one of us out of work for the next 2 months, I must be the sole breadwinner for a while. So much has changed, mentally, for me since our weekend in Savannah. I got on the treadmill last week and running finally felt good again. Not having a race in mind […]

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I had a GREAT week on the treadmill! We got home from Savannah and the race that didn’t happen on Monday. His shoulder surgery was Tuesday and I was home the rest of the week. I got in 3 runs that were great. No pressure. No timelines. Just working on getting back to loving running again. I need this big reset in so many ways. Monday: 2.4 miles running/walking Wednesday: 2.5 miles running/walking Thursday: 2.5 miles running/walking Saturday: 2 miles running/walking I started running a fever late Saturday. I think I’m trying to fend off a sinus infection. I keep having small “false alarms” but have not had 1 trip to the doctor since July’s sinus infection. I’m ecstatic over that. But I’m losing ground it seems with this fever and horrendous fatigue and coughing. This upcoming week, I have […]

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November 16, 2014
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This week, I’m previewing several recipes for a Paleo Thanksgiving! Since we will be traveling and staying with my family for Thanksgiving, I wanted to make several side dishes and maybe a dessert that is compliant with a Paleo lifestyle. These recipes will be grain+legume free and include minimal dairy in the form of grass-fed butter. What will not be missing is the flavor. Monday night, I will also test a new soup recipe from The Mediterranean Paleo Cooking book. This Cilantro Pumpkin soup screams “fall” and will be perfect for a Thanksgiving table. The Sausage stuffing will include a lot of things but no bread. It will be baked like traditional dressing. It will not be an exact copy of traditional Southern dressings. I do not care to re-create the texture of bread because I just don’t eat much […]

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As a very seasoned travel racer, I have learned the fine art of packing for a race. Here are my absolute must-have, cannot-travel-without items for a great race day. 1. Shoes When I’m packing for a vacation, I have a separate “go bag” that will hold all my race/running gear. The first thing in that bag is my favorite pair of running shoes. 2. Socks Regular socks will not work for race day. This is the one thing I have never forgotten. I wear older running shoes when traveling so I always have a backup pair of shoes. But socks can make or break a race. My favorites are Swiftwick. I love the compression, the wicking, the DURABILITY. These have been washed a lot and they keep their shape and stitching. I cannot say enough about Swiftwick. 3. Garmin I […]

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November 12, 2014
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Whether we are ready or not, the holidays are here. It seems like I was carving a pumpkin 5 minutes ago and now the holiday commercials and retail stores are all about Thanksgiving and Christmas. And you know what that means. This is the time of year when 2 things happen: We want to ramp up our workouts to balance the holiday eating frenzy. The weather keeps us inside like hermits. If you have access to a treadmill or if you’re a brave soul who will tackle the weather, this is a very easy BEGINNER workout. All you need is a watch to keep up with your time and some running gear. It starts with a warmup at whatever speed you feel comfortable. Then it repeats a 3 minute walk/1 min run intervals. Again, the speed is completely up to […]

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November 11, 2014
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It’s a beautiful day to have a shoulder hacked on. Stephen is having a shoulder surgery today. This is a long story that I will try to make short and concise. Way back in college days, he dislocated his shoulder. He put it back in place and took some advil and called it fixed. In college, the invincible flows deeper than the bad booze and student loans. Over the past 20 years, he had a few times when it shifted or got sore but nothing serious. Well..3 weeks ago he went fishing. And he braced his arm on the dock to stop the boat and the dock was slimy with leftover mud from the day before. His arm went sliding and slid right out of his socket. It was a bad bad dislocation. He managed to put it back in. […]

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Heading back to Alabama

November 10, 2014

Sunrise on the beach. This never gets old. We are leaving early this morning to get home at a normal hour. Stephen is having surgery tomorrow and we have a lot to do before we report to the hospital. Very important things. It’s going up early this year. He will be out of commission for a long time. The trees can’t wait!

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