Ever wake up singing a song? This is the one on my mind this morning. Might be because I’m not sleeping very well at all and when I do doze off, I fall hard for a couple of hours. No coffee for me this morning. Rushing to work, wishing for 5:00. I hate days that start like this. My mind is going 90-to-nothing.

But..I did find coffee!! This was a lesson in hilarity. I love coffee. But I love my coffee pot because it is a Bunn, pour and wait 30 seconds for glory. No buttons or anything. Pour and wait. Coffee perfection. At school, nobody makes coffee. It’s a travesty. I spent my early morning break figuring out the coffee pot and making something that resembled coffee. And I found a long-forgotten coffee mug in the cabinet. Winner winner, cage-free chicken dinner!

2015-01-28 10.04.15-1

Things are crazy at work and school so this is another short and sweet post. I’m still sticking to my Whole 30 and I’m seeing the benefits as in almost TOO MUCH Tiger Blood. I’m not sleeping. Way too much energy or mind-rambling to sleep. And I know that is not good.

day 23

This stuff is magic. Chicken soup made from bone broth. Very rich and hot with red pepper flakes. I think this is the main reason I’m not back at the doctor with the sinus infection/bronchitis that WILL NOT GO AWAY.

2015-01-27 10.32.49

And I had more of it for dinner. I finally finished the pot after 3 days of lunches and 2 nights of dinner. It had a lot of chicken and vegetables and I added greens with my dinner to beef up the good carbs.

Thoughts so far? My pants are smaller. I’m drinking more water than before, but not near enough. Energy is outrageous. Sleeping is non-existent. I’m hoping this last week and the additional 2-3 weeks I plan to continue will even things out. I could see me doing this easily until my birthday in March. I’m eating enough, I’m not craving sugar and because I feel like I’m in the “zone” of Whole30, I’m more easily able to resist non-gluten grains and starches. Right now, I need this crutch of a challenge. I have a few more days of the original 30 and I know I’m going to 45 days. After that, I’ll re-assess. I have running and CrossFit goals to conquer!


Whole30 Shopping List

January 26, 2015
whole30 grocery

  One of the best tools for a journey through a Whole30 plan is having a well-stocked kitchen. Get rid of the cravings (if possible) and fill the fridge, freezer, and pantry with compliant ingredients.  This means 80% of your grocery cart should be meat, fresh/frozen vegetables, and a few fruits. The middle of the grocery store can be tricky. First, here are a few absolute MUST-DO rules. Yes, rules. Just like in school. I’m putting on my Teacher hat and sharing the rules of going grocery shopping for a successful Whole30. 1. ALWAYS read the ingredients. Every can, bag, box, package that has an ingredient list, READ THEM. 2. ALWAYS put down anything that has sugar or the many forms of sugar. Do not look at the SUGAR percentage. Even if that percentage reads 0, there can still be […]

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If Monday Had a Face…

January 26, 2015

I didn’t get my coffee this morning. Last night, all the drainage and all the medicine left me extremely sick. When Stephen made a pot of coffee, he wisely suggested I stay far away from it. I drank some broth and ate an orange instead. I wasn’t hungry anyway. What is it about Monday that had all of us dragging today? The kids were sleepy, some even choosing to snooze in a corner during play time. I was sleepy. The whole school seemed in a fog today. I’m blaming it on winter sadness. We are stuck with the cold, but no fun snow or even sleet to be excited about. I had plans to go to CrossFit after work since I do not have tutoring on Mondays. But then I got sick again and felt the beginnings of a migraine […]

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Functional Fitness by Target® C9

January 26, 2015
c9 shirt

It’s almost February, which means it’s almost time to reflect on the first month of 2015. I know many of us make resolutions or make goals or at least re-focus ourselves to some type of self-improvement around the start of each new year. How are things going for you? Whether it’s a goal for better home-or-work cleaning, best use of commute time, personal fitness, quality of family time, or maybe weight-loss goal, this is a great time to look back on January 1 to check our commitments. For myself, I have set some lofty fitness goals, but I only have 2 goals for 2015. Running-I want a PR in the half-marathon and I want to finish 2015 in the middle of a serious marathon training cycle. I’m looking at New Orleans Rock ‘n’ Roll 2016. CrossFit- I want to see […]

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Weekly Menu and Planning

January 25, 2015
jan 26

This is the last official week of Whole30, but I will be extending it to at least 45. I can finally feel some relief from sugar cravings and I need to keep going on this plan for a few more days. This is also the last few days before payday which means it’s “clean out the freezer” week. We will enjoy some old favorites this week and I’ll return to new recipes next week. Breakfast: This week, I’ll enjoy regular bacon n’ eggs or my bulletproof coffee. I may make a breakfast casserole later this week. Lunch: I have plenty of soup and some grilled chicken and vegetables in the fridge for lunches. Meal Prep: I didn’t feel like cooking a lot this weekend. I went with easy.   Have a great week!

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The Midnight Train

January 23, 2015

Happy FRIDAY!!! When I’m on summer break during the 8 weeks of June and July, I freely admit that I take Fridays for granted. During those weeks, Friday is just another day with the same 24 hours wide open for the opportunity to be a fantastic parade of awesome or a soul-ripping bad gravel road. It’s just a day. However..in the world of Kindergarten teachers and all working people on M-F shift, Fridays are coveted and treasured more than the Hope diamond ever dreamed. Waking up on a Friday is just nothing but smiles. This morning, I woke up after sleeping for 14.25 hours. I do not recall ever sleeping that long in my adult life. That first round of marathon sleeping after returning from a senior trip overseas may have been close, but I don’t think so. I do […]

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Wheel in the sky

January 22, 2015
2015-01-22 07.18.13

Thursday already?? This morning’s Pandora shuffle landed on a great one from Journey and it’s been in my head all day. I overslept this morning but thankfully, my kids know what to do when they arrive each day. We have such a staggered arrival time over 20 minutes, they have an easy-breezy social time until the bell rings. I know I do not like coming right in the door and taking tests or doing “busy work”. I like to visit, catch up with people, high-five some kids, enjoy my coffee, etc. I don’t expect 5 year olds to come in the room and sit down to do paper work. They can find favorite books, chit-chat, wander around getting in the school groove, write in notebooks, etc. So even though I was not standing at the door at 7:45, when I […]

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Paleo Confessions: I eat bones

January 22, 2015
paleo confessions

Just over a year ago, I was cooking a chicken for some soup. After I took all the meat off the bones,  I found myself holding a plastic freezer bag full of nothing but bones. I remember a time when I ate boneless everything. I wanted boneless chicken, boneless steaks, boneless turkey. Bones were no use and they just got in the way. My how things have changed. It all started a couple of years ago when I was doing some research on ancestral health. I firmly believe our grandparents and further generations were doing a LOT of things right before technology and mass crop production became the norm. Before Roundup and Monsanto. Anyway, that research led me to the discussion about how chicken soup REALLY is good for you and not just a feel-good lesson. Here are a few […]

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