Roll Alabama Roll

October 10, 2015

Tonight, I crossed another item off my fall bucket list.

2015-10-10 17.03.45-2

After the epic showdown in the rain last weekend in Georgia, I was so excited to have these tickets in my hand for this weekend. This was the first Saturday that Stephen had off work so we loaded up the car with peanuts, a pumpkin (long story), some cash, a battery charger for the phones, and we headed to campus for a hopeful victory.

After we parked, we walked around a few miles to see 2 tailgates, get our tickets, and get back to the stadium to get to our seats. We always get a selfie at the games we attend. One day, we will look back and wonder how we ever looked so young and cute. Today, I just felt sweaty and he felt scruffy.

 2015-10-10 16.54.00-1

Nice seats. Perfect weather.

2015-10-10 17.14.14

Always cheering for #42. He’s the son of close family friends. We basically watched him grow from age 8.

2015-10-10 17.25.19

Waiting for a TD. We had a few tonight.

 2015-10-10 18.15.46

After the win….which blew wide open on the 4th quarter. I guess the team wanted us fans to sweat it out a little. #42 came out to greet his fan club Smile. He also signed a BASEBALLL poster for a young fan who had all the other signatures from the rest of the bb team. He needed his autograph to finish the whole team. Keith is a dual-athlete, playing on 2 teams for Alabama.

2015-10-10 22.07.03

Next week, we are playing TAMU and it will not be easy. In fact, the rest of our season looks tough and it is because we are playing in the toughest conference—SEC WEST. We have TAMU, TN, MSU, LSU, and AUBURN left. But, that’s the facts when you have the toughest schedule, according to ESPN. Roll Tide!


Beginner Sprint workout

October 7, 2015
beginner sprint workout katrinaruns

My running routine has been a lot more consistent in the past few weeks and that is certainly a great thing. The first half of my year was a struggle with consistency, illness, and distractions and I’m so excited to finally have a better routine lately. One of my favorite workouts is a sprint workout. I usually do this on a treadmill so I have the digital distance/pace/time display right in front of me. This sprint workout is TOUGH but so rewarding to finish. It is also a great workout to measure running progress. We all know treadmills can be a little boring and I always make sure I have my phone and music with me. I have several music playlists that I depend upon to make my workouts more enjoyable. However, keeping my phone on the treadmill can be […]

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Saturday in the South

October 3, 2015

Big big huge gigantic game is about to be played on the plains of Athens, GA. Alabama hasn’t been that impressive lately. The sports talk is all about the dynasty being over. Alabama is done. Saban is done and going to leave Tuscaloosa. The list goes on. We won the last 2 times we met GA in the SEC tourney so when a regular-season game was announced over two years ago, all we heard was GA had this game “circled on the calendar” for over 2 years. They are ready, impressive, and honestly frightening. Before the game, I made a trip to the river market to grab some veggies, beef, eggs, and hot tea. It’s a perfect fall day for me. It’s drizzly, cloudy, and COOL! I don’t care if the sun is hiding, I’m just glad for cooler weather. […]

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October is my favorite color

October 1, 2015

Let me tell you why. Let the sarcasm begin! I have to agree a little… Of course they did! They knew fall had arrived when the woodland animals broke out the Uggs. This is to coincide with the return of all the holiday cooking. “Buffet britches” do not have that verbal flair, but the intent is the same. I LOVE Han Solo season!!! It means the Force is with us. Remember when this was the only “fall” picture on the webs? Before photoshop and Instagram? I didn’t choose the ugg life… Yes they are, Tom Brady! You go, weird Ugg man. In conclusion, I really hope all haters are having a field day. I don’t have any more time to try to defend my love for October and autumn. I have flannel shirts to put on and must put a […]

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What’s happening in September?

September 30, 2015
2015-09-28 07.27.25

The last day of September was a great one. The older I get, the more I love the changing of seasons, especially from hot humidity to crisp autumn days. The South has such a short “fall” season that I make a point to take advantage of the outdoors as often as I can. Running lately=awesome. My barista at my Target Starbucks is fabulous. I couldn’t recreate this without it looking like a ride on the Hot Mess Express. Last week, I took part in a September ritual that is going on 15 years. The release of the latest J. D. Robb book. I have lost count of the number of books in the saga of Roark and Dallas, but it’s in the upper 30’s I think. I always stop by Walmart to get my mitts on the hardcover book. This […]

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