It is week 4 and our challenge was to get 15,000 steps a day. I did it on Monday and Friday.

How is our team EAST COAST doing? depends on which site you look.

Shape.Com/Fitbit results

image results


I have no idea who is winning since both sites have different leaders. Interesting.

So that’s all folks. The contest ends this week. What will I take away from this challenge?

  • I’m much more aware of the many opportunities I have with my job to get more walking in my routine.
  • Walking is good! While I love running, walking just seems to keep my joints happy. Sitting too long brings on a sluggish feeling that makes me want to just take a long nap.
  • Wearing a fitness tracker is a HUGE motivational tool.
  • Being part of challenges is also a HUGE motivational tool.
  • I should never complain about my treadmill again. That thing saw more action in the past 4 weeks than the past 4 months.

I was extremely honored to be selected for this challenge. To be chosen as a member of a team of only 10 people in the East half of the US was a very big honor for me. Working with our team and with was a fantastic experience.

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Jack Frost has forgotten us.

December 15, 2014
santa snack

Our weather is ridiculous. It’s muggy and hot in December. That is NOT okay. The Flubola is knocking everybody down for a while, the students are dropping like flies, and the teachers are begging for mercy. 4 more days until relief. Since December is my second-favorite month (October still reigns supreme since it’s the unofficial beginning of the “holiday” season for most of us who do not decorate Hobby Lobby), my daily posts are just rambling tales of all things Christmas. Baking, eating too much, parties, crafts, hot weather running, movies, music, and plenty of holi-crazy. Hang on to your hat, folks. It’s going to be a fast ride until the January arctic freeze takes away my will to live. See what I did there? Complain about the humidity while being a January realist. We all know my favorite weather […]

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He knows when you’re awake

December 12, 2014

We made it to Friday!! I can’t actually NOT WORK while I’m at my school, but the holiday insanity is just gearing up. We had a ton of fun this week doing various gingerbread activities. Check it out. I’m a master man baker. And my Fitbit Charge has been showing the results of all this frantic-ness. This is one of the few days I reached the new goal for the’s Fitness Fitbit Blogger Challenge. Our goal this week is to hit 15K steps. Having a crazy week at school certainly helps. Lately, I’ve been hitting 10K before lunch. I also ran today to keep up with my Runner’s World Run streak for the end of 2014. Loving running, loving the extra steps, not loving the holiday weight gain. That will make my January Whole 30 that much sweeter. Two […]

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Run run as fast as you can

December 11, 2014

It’s Gingerbread time! We have been busy in kindergarten.   Once these dry and are ready to hang on the tree, I’ll post the recipe. This is the second time I’ve done this with my students and I think I’ll have to make this a yearly tradition. In other news, check out my attempt at a groovy mantle. Look familiar? No, well, I’ve had this one about 5 years. I just love it and my weird mantle/tv/situation leaves me few options for Pinterest-worthy cuteness. Running…we are best friends again. It’s like dating an ex. There are some trust issues, but starting over again feels great. I’m not trying to break any speed records or mileage records. I’m just running for the fun of it. Pure running joy. And this little gadget is helping me get my 10K plus some a […]

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Holiday Hills workout

December 10, 2014
holiday hills

  A little less than 3 weeks to go until the big day. With all the rushing and planning and partying, I need a treadmill workout that will kick my tail and I need it in 30 minutes. Hills workouts are fantastic and cruel at the same time. I’m climbing on a treadmill without the beautiful mountain scenery. But, sacrifices happen so put on a mountain movie or your favorite “rocky mountain high” tune and get ready to sweat. This one can be adjusted for speed, if needed. I’m a slow turtle so I had a hard time with these speeds at these inclines. If you need to cut back on something, slow down the speed and keep the incline. Incline makes a better butt!

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Holiday HIIT

December 9, 2014
holiday hit xtrain

  Christmas is HERE! Technically, we have a few more days, but my body is wearing the battle scars of a hectic holiday so far. Eating treats, running a lot, walking more, eating more treats, and battling the flu means I’m a big ol’ wreck at the end of the day. I have burned all the ends off all the candles and I don’t have time for anything crazy for a workout. So, I’ll torture myself with this instead. It’s an all-in-one workout. When I do this, I do not need a training run. This fat-blaster takes care of it for me. Grab a festive bottle of water and your favorite shoes with bells on them. Tune up the rockin’ holidays music and just decide to get this one DONE.

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December 8, 2014

Ready to see who is winning? Check out the links to see the leader board. Also, enter to win a free Fitbit Charge. And trust me, you want this fitness tracker. It has been a great tracker! This week started off with GREAT results using my Fitbit Charge! For the first 3 mornings of the week, I had 6,000 steps by 10am. But what about the weekly challenge? Our challenge for Week 3: Break the monotony this week and pick up a new workout that shocks your muscles into working harder making the daily goal of 10K steps I did 2 different workouts this week that are NOT my usual running, walking, or strength circuits. One is this “Deck of Death” which involves a deck of cards and a lot of water. . My other workout was a […]

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Mediterranean Paleo Cooking-review

December 5, 2014

I’ve really been digging into my latest stack of Paleo cookbooks because cooler temps mean I can run my oven and eat soup all day long. A few weeks ago, this beauty arrived on my doorstep. When I hear “mediterranean”, I struggle to not lump that into just Italian and dream of all the pasta I can no longer eat at fast food shrimp joints. Captain D’s fettuccine, I’m looking at you. And really, who needs all the chemicals and junk fillers in fast food shrimp joints? When I sat down to do my first glance bookmarking, I was very pleasantly surprised. With recipes such as Fried Sweet Potato omelette (DELICIOUS!), Caramelized Onion Soup, Braised Beef and Artichokes, Sweet lamb stew, and Creamy Cilantro Salmon I knew I would need another set of page flags. Mediterranean Paleo Cooking offers everyday […]

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