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I’m Katrina and I like to run and when I’m done, I like to EAT!

For a fast track to my recipes click here.

When I’m not running or eating, what else am I doing?

  • I’m teaching small children to read and to be nice people. Kindergarten rocks! Stay tuned for Teaching Tips for Tired Teachers. I’m doing extensive field research right now using myself. It’s fascinating when I can stay awake.
  • I’m meal planning, meal prepping, and meal cooking. I have Celiac disease so my food focus is geared to Paleo+Keto meals until October. Then I squeeze all the gluten-free desserts as I can into my leggings. I share many cooking adventures here along with tips for gluten-free living.

  • I’m taking pictures of food which means I eat a lot of cold, but beautiful meals. I’m a self-taught food photographer and the Canon is never far from my hands. I was taking selfies before selfies were cool and annoying to those witnessing the selfie shenanigans.

  • I’m either planning on going to the gym, driving to the gym, thinking about maybe going to the gym, and usually end up reading a good book….or magazine. I enjoyed CrossFit for a few years and although I’m taking a brief break, I feel sure I’ll be back in a few months. I AM BACK TO CROSSFIT!! I love certain aspects of it, not so much the meathead bad-form-for-the-sake-of-beating-someone’s-time.

  • I’m hiking or climbing some hill in Alabama or mountain in Colorado. My travel posts are some of my favorite because basically, it’s my memory keeper.

  • I’m heading off to the trails since trail running is my favorite place to get away from the noise. I’m fortunate to have great trail systems around Tuscaloosa and I love to share tried-and-true-tips for those adventurous runners out there.

  • I’m packing for a trip or camping my way through the wild West. We both love to travel and we hit the mountains or beach when we can. Both our work schedules provide time, we just have to pack the tent.

Why do these things? That’s an easy answer. 

My quest for optimal health and longevity is what drives me to get up each morning, and my passion for lifestyle blogging is what drives me to write at night. But it’s the middle parts of my day that I love the most–being with the people in my life and sharing this wild ride with them.

Right now, I’m teaching Kindergarten. We live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, home of the University of Alabama and we are long-time Tide fans, even during the “rebuilding” years before this current dream stretch of dynasty!

For 10 years, we had the most wonderful orange furbaby named Frankie who blessed our world more than I thought any cat could. We said goodbye to him in October 2017  and there is no coincidence that I stopped blogging for a couple of months after that.

Then, we found our Atlas in July 2018. He has mended our bent hearts one face lick at a time. He’s going to be a great running partner!

Thanks for checking in!

Where to find me?

Email: [email protected]






Wednesday 28th of October 2015

I have recently discovered your blog while researching healthier recipes for my family. You sound like an amazing person and your blogs are really inspirational. I look forward to reading more.


Thursday 4th of June 2015

I'm glad to hear Crossfit helped with your IT band issues. I was having IT band issues as well just a few months ago, took some time off running, and have been CrossFitting for a month now and back to running 7 miles with no pain! I am excited to continue enjoying both "sports". I love hearing success stories from people who combine both. My Crossfit friends think I'm crazy for being a runner and my running friends think I'm crazy for doing Crossfit :)


Wednesday 3rd of April 2013

Fellow Bama girl here. I don't know how I stumbled across your blog, but I am trying the whole "clean eating" thing and will be following along!

Meghan Burrows

Monday 16th of July 2012

I love your blog. Great tips for the busy woman and a great example of a holistic, balanced schedule. :)


Thursday 5th of April 2012

Your tenacity is astounding, Katrina! You're definitely inspirational. Keep it up!