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Perfect Pork Carnitas

The first time I remember seeing the word “carnitas” was in Chipotle. In the process of taking in all the shiny steel surfaces that I failed to research carnitas so I ordered the familiar chicken burrito bowl. But later, I checked out carnitas and found out it is a fancy word for really REALLY good …

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Honey Ginger Salmon

When I was working on my post for a Fun, not Frazzled Fall, I mentioned nutrient-dense foods like salmon. I had that on my mind for a few days and finally went by the store to get a couple of filets for us. I have a few tried-and-true recipes that we both love with baked …

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Keto Chicken and Peppers

Before the holi-crazy takes off, I’m building a list of easy-and-keto meals to use during the week so I can limit the nights of aimless snacking on party foods. I had a dish similar to this in Estes Park, Colorado this summer. It has been on my mind since June and I finally made it …

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Lemon Chicken with Olives

We are in the middle of another spring cold snap and I took advantage of the weather to use my oven again. I limit the oven use in the hottest parts of the summer and try to utilize mostly stove-top cooking or slow cookers. I was actually thinking of making some lemon chicken soup but …

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Sausage and green bean skillet

We had yet ANOTHER delay at school today. This time, for extreme cold. One of these days, I’m going to get my snow in the winter. We’ve had “not cold enough” and “not enough moisture” so I’m hoping for a great combo of both to make snow. Until then..I’m still eating leftovers out of the …

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Mexican Chicken Casserole

Comfort foods are always in high demand, no matter the season or the weather. Through cooking and preparing favorite dishes, we bring back those memories that make us feel happy, secure, and even hopeful. Lately, I’m needing a lot of all of those. Cooking Light has this Mexican Chicken Casserole that definitely fulfilled that craving …

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