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Karen Rutherford

Thursday 6th of October 2022


A few days ago I emailed you about the possibility of a collaboration on I’m unsure if you got my first email so I thought I’d write back.

Are you open to accepting guest posts on your blog? I would love to provide you with a well-written article your readers will enjoy.

I can send you a couple of topic ideas to start with. If you are interested let me know! :)

I can also offer you an exchange of links from one of my websites to yours.

Best Regards

Karen Rutherford

Founder of"

Karen Rutherford

Tuesday 14th of June 2022

"Hello, my name's Karen- I run a couple of small but growing food blogs. I was browsing through your website, and was wondering if you accept guest posts?

I’d love to work with you and provide you with a well-written article on a topic that is relevant to your audience and something they will enjoy reading. Food, recipes and writing about it is my passion. I'd be happy to suggest a few topics which could be a hit with your audience.

Any content will be completely open for you to edit.

Please let me know if you'd be interested.

Warm Regards

Karen Rutherford

Founder of "


Sunday 27th of March 2022

Hi! I am a foreigner learning English.

Recently our teacher showed us a sentence from your article I TRUSTED MY TRAINER—AND HE SAVED MY LIFE to introduce us to the phrase'brush off'. The sentence is 'I tried to brush him off but he insisted I drink a lot of water and check in with him in a few hours.'

Since I have also learnt another phrase'put off' recently,I am wondering if the phrase 'brush off' here can be replaced by 'put off'?

I've asked my teacher and she insisted that it can't. But I really think 'put off' also makes sense. So curious am I that I turn to you for help.

I'd appreciate it very much if you could tell me if 'put off' can also be used here. Thank you very much!

By the way,I've also read other articles of yours,and I think you are an awesome person! I am very attracted to your lifestyle!

Thank you again for taking time to reply.

Randy Shields

Thursday 14th of October 2021

In case you didn't realize, the word "Dack" on your site is spelled incorrectly. I had similar issues on my website which hurt my credibility until someone pointed it out and I discovered some of the services like or which help with these type of issues.


Thursday 2nd of September 2021

Please join the National Snakebite Support group on Facebook. You will find that virtually all of the information in your snakebite article is incorrect. Benadryl is of no benefit for snakebites. Steroids and atibiotics are equally useless. The "vaccine" provides no real benefit. The medical and veterinary contributors in the NSS group are expert toxicologists and have written many of the protocols for treatment.