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Guacamole Monday

I’ve never made guacamole. I know  this breaks some rules in the paleo/keto world, but that leads me up to the next true confession. I don’t love avocado. I don’t even like them. There is a weird texture thing as soon as I taste it. It is a weird thing that I just haven’t been …

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Keto and Paleo

Eating Paleo and going through a few rounds of Whole 30 for a few years have firmly slapped my behind in the “believer” seat. I have had my best fat loss and smallest-sized clothing while on Paleo and have had consecutive months when I couldn’t be any happier in my own skin. I love the …

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Wondering About Wellness

As part of our school employee health program, we have to have a Wellness Screening every year. I wasn’t thrilled about this when it first started, but it’s a minor screening and it’s things I need to know every year. Every year, I get a pretty darn good result. Glucose is within range, good cholesterol …

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Meal Planning

I mentioned earlier that I’m ditching sugar again…sigh..again, and getting back on the Paleo train, which is the plan that works great for me when I stick to it. My glucose levels are low, my energy is high, my workouts are awesome, and I can fit in my pants. So here we go. This time …

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Taco Wednesday

This is a little smidge of my mood at 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s been a LONG week and it’s only been 3 days. I’m still trying to shake off a sinus infection, my running is more waddle/jogging than sprinting, and I’m hungry. Date night at Taco Mama was a nice ray of sunshine …

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