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What is Fitness?

Fitness is such a big word that means a LOT! At it's simplest definition, fitness is any activity that moves your body from one place to another.

  • Running
  • CrossFit
  • Bootcamp
  • Swimming
  • Walking

For me, my journey these past few years have included a lot more than just running and CrossFit.

For example, this blog began way back in 2006 when I was so frustrated with a very lengthy running injury. I was forced to do other things while recovering from that injury. Spinning. Swimming. The stupid stair climber (I refuse to say climbing stairs because I didn't do that. I was stuck on a mind-numbing piece of machinery).

Those other activities all fall under my Fitness category.

Once I got back to running regularly, I stayed with the gym and focused on those Body Pump classes. I LOVED strength-training.

Then, CrossFit came along and changed my life (for the better). I can't praise CF enough and I do it plenty.

But then life happened and I got stuck in the biggest rut of my adult life. No more running or CrossFit or even, Fitness.

2018-2019 saw a return to more consistent running, but nothing else.

For 2020, along with running, I am returning back to more Fitness workouts. I have lost a lot of strength gains I had while at CrossFit. I tried to return but there are way more things I CAN'T do than things I can.

A return to a small gym with group classes is just what I want and need to slowly build my body back to its former glory.  I am so excited for December 2019 and beyond!

As Seen In

It’s been almost 2 years since I last consistently enjoyed CrossFit and I have missed it tremendously. In 2 years, I’m noticeably weaker. Running is fantastic for what I love about running. It’s “my” thing. But, it doesn’t keep me strong. Not only do I notice how much weaker I am, I notice my posture …

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The year is ——-> <——- this close to being halfway over and my gym routine is not exactly routine. I’m consistently running, but not consistently hitting the gym for classes or the weights room. I’m consistently hitting the couch with my Kindle and not one bit ashamed. I’m now a more well-rounded individual with all …

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January 2018 is off to a smashing start.  By “smashing”, I mean I haven’t even turned on my Garmin. It’s colder than Elsa’s castle and I just haven’t felt like turning on the treadmill. I’m still fighting off this weird “flu-like” virus that keeps trying to jump on me every few days and I’m not …

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I’m slowly building base miles after the week of IT band torture. This was the last week of school and that means some stress miles happened. I still don’t have a hard and fast training plan or race scheduled. Until I get school out of the way, I’m just wallowing along. Tuesday-5 miles Thursday-3 miles …

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This was a much better week! Last week, I had to deal with some IT band issues and cranky hip. Things seemed to have settled down and I got in a few more miles this week. Each run was slow and easy. I focused on enjoying running and not hard training. Monday-3miles Wednesday-2.5 miles Thursday-2 …

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4 miles. That’s ALL I got this week. I took Monday off to rest up and when I ran Tuesday morning, my IT band seized up bad. It’s been years since I felt this kind of IT pain. I knew from experience to stop running and try to remember all the at-home things my physical …

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Got a long trail run in this morning! It feels so good to be back on the dirt, roots, and stones. The race is in 2 weeks and this may be the longest run I get in. 8 miles on my trails is brutal. Monday: 5 miles Tuesday: 5 miles Wednesday: 4 miles Friday: 3 …

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This was an unplanned cutback week. Unplanned as in, excessive vomiting means I only ran to the garbage can. No miles Tues-Thurs. Light miles Friday. Nothing this weekend. Monday-4 miles Friday- 2 miles Total: 6 whopping miles. Yeah, well, plans can change quickly around here.

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As part of our school employee health program, we have to have a Wellness Screening every year. I wasn’t thrilled about this when it first started, but it’s a minor screening and it’s things I need to know every year. Every year, I get a pretty darn good result. Glucose is within range, good cholesterol …

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Fall race training is off to a good start. I have been doing a mix of morning and late afternoon running at the park and at the trails. I have a couple of fall races with Rock ‘n’ Roll coming up and I hope to go back to my old stomping grounds with some local …

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