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Sausage Breakfast Casserole

It’s 2019 and in between binge-watching the Gilmore Girls, I made Sausage breakfast casserole. We had 2 days of teacher professional development this week but the kids start back on Monday and I pick up my mornings at CrossFit, so I needed breakfast ideas. I needed easy to cook, easy to store, and easy to …

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Sausage Jalapeno Frittata {Keto}

Sausage, cheddar, cream cheese, and jalapenos. That sounds very similar to one of my favorite appetizers, doesn’t it? While Alabama football is still a few weeks away, I needed a change to my standby scrambled eggs with either bacon or sausage. I was feeling fancy and had the time to get all the ingredients and …

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Sausage Apple Paleo Breakfast Scramble

During this round of Whole30, creating recipes for breakfast is slowing getting easier and more fun. I’ve never been a cereal-and-toast breakfast person anyway so expanding beyond the stereotypical breakfast is natural. Eating more paleo breakfast dishes helps carry me through the morning until lunch time.  This could be a complete breakfast in itself, but …

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