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It’s a Running Christmas!

I may not be able to do much running right now, but I’ll be ready when I can!

The dreaded year-end constant sinus infections and bronchitis have really knocked me down this year. With Covid all over Tuscaloosa, this is not a surprise.

However, Santa knew I needed running stuff and my family knows my Amazon list will almost always have running gear. They certainly did not disappoint!

Topping the list is 2 pairs of Brooks. I like rotating my shoes and I like to switch them up for long runs and short quick sprints. Adrenaline and Ghost fit me perfectly for both.

And Balega socks can’t be beat. I’ve tried others, liked others, but I LOVE my Balegas.

This Run 365 calendar is great for tearing off the days I run and staring in disgust at the days I don’t.

The back of each quote/picture is a handy spot to write my notes about my run or write more excuses on why I didn’t. It’s quite a trip to write “I felt like sitting on the couch instead” on these things.

For more serious and in-depth journaling, I love this Believe running journal and log book. It has weekly journal pages to record run details and thoughts.

But more than a log book, there is a lot of extra features like these goal pages, race calendar, race review, yearly plan and much more. I actually love journaling and using pen and paper. This will be a great resource this year as we hopefully get back to in-person racing.

Here’s to a bigger, better, and faster year of running in 2021!