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Long December

December rolls on.

This is normally the most-jazzed month for me. I start preparing for Christmas magic in August with the first fall decorations.

August is the official kick-off to the year-end holiday season. The first pumpkin spice leads into the first peppermint mocha.

This year is definitely different. This blog has been shoved in a corner as I try to tight-rope my way through the year. Teaching during a pandemic, trying to keep healthy, and continuing my health journey has kept me very busy. And I have very few blog posts to document the struggles, triumphs, emotions, recipes, etc.

But, December rolls on.

Making this season fun and exciting for my students has been top priority. Many of them were remote learners and just returned to the classroom.

Due to increasing cases, we’ve had stagger weeks with classes split in half. They’ve hung in there with every change we’ve thrown at them.

At home, we’ve tried to keep things simple. We actually have cold weather for December so that means many nights of fires, coffee, and puppy snuggles.

Somewhere in there, Alabama football marched on through to win the SEC championship in a year where we played ONLY SEC teams. Football is better by Christmas lights. Trust me.

And December rolls on.

But, like most things in life, some things never change.

Like my procrastinating in sending Christmas cards. And my card this year was so good.

December rolls on. Family members are fighting illness. I’m fighting illness. December is not what I hoped it would be. But, it still a blessing to be on this planet fighting for good every day. Happy December!