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CrossFit on the Fly

I love going to my early morning class at the gym. I don’t mind getting up early, shuffling half asleep to throw on clothes, and yawning my face off during the 30 minute drive to class.

The Morning Crew is a great group of die hard CF fans who define “determined”. Sometimes, I refer to us as the “old and broke down” although we are not really that old, because we now have a 13 year old!

Wod 1

And yes we have a grandmother or two. We have the 30-somethings. We have the Fab 40’s and 50’s. And at any given time, someone is broke down from age, arthritis, or just plain too stubborn to let some aches and pains get in our way. I might resemble that last statement.



However, when I’m gone out of town, on vacation (5 more days!!), or feeling lazy during my first full week of summer break from teaching….ahem…like this week,  I often make up my own workout that I can do at home or on the road.



I do have my own dumbbells at home that I use for kettle bell exercises. I have my own rope.  And I have my own body weight which is really all I need to get in some serious HIIT work with CrossFit. 90% of CF workouts are done at the high intensity level with few, if any, short breaks.




By definition, it IS  the High Intensity Interval Training that many people now swear by to get the cardio burn they need. I wanted to make some pics of WODs that I can post on my pinterest board so I can just pull up one while I’m gone for two weeks. I am sharing these below



Every one of these require ONLY body weight. Feel free to use them. Most take less than 20 minutes, but it will be a very hard 10-15-20 minutes. Make sure you warm up, fuel right, add additional lower intensity strength work if you have the equipment, and do a long stretch session after


And because I love the “whiteboard” look like the board at my CF, I made these in a similar design. Just pretend my marker handwriting is this neat. 😉


EDIT: I have a new set of at-home WODs




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Wednesday 27th of January 2016

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Thursday 21st of January 2016

I'm usually pretty savvy when it comes to acronyms, but had to look up WOD (workout of the day).

danielle mckinney

Saturday 13th of June 2015

looks like i'm kinda late to the party. but found this great collection on pinterest looking to add some cross training to my running. i think i'm gonna love it!

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Friday 7th of November 2014

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Tuesday 4th of November 2014

Awesome WOD routines!! I'm going to post some of these on my blog! Giving you all the credit, of course, Katrina. I'll put a link to your site. KEEP MOVING!