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The 2020 Thanksgiving is a lot different this year.

pumpkin pie on a white plate

There was definitely pie. I made pumpkin pie for the first time in a few years. Most years, I’m all about a pecan (puh-cahn) pie.

We kept things small this year. One side of the family went camping so we all celebrated dinner outside in the gorgeous weather, appropriately distanced.

two dogs playing in fall leaves

Well, except for the puppies. We had 4 dogs on leashes, all in various sizes and energy levels.

Food tastes better outside. All the carbs and a little turkey make for a nice Thanksgiving during a year that never seems to end.

gumbo in a white bowl

After an afternoon camping with the family and puppies, I drove to the next state for a much-smaller family gathering.

My sister and I went to our parent’s house. The husbands stayed home. Our tradition is Gumbo on Thanksgiving night so we can get up early for Black Friday shopping. Last year, we had a blast.

black friday shopping crowd

That didn’t happen this year. A 43-year tradition comes to an end. We stayed in, lounged around in our pajamas, and shopped online. It wasn’t horrible.

We drove to see our grandparents in the driveway. It was cold, but it was so good to at least see them in person.

Then, we made a big Thanksgiving meal for the few of us. There is always a good reason to cook good food.

Lastly, I thought this was quite appropriate for 2020. I mean…this certainly aged well from 1982.