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CrossFit Additions and new WODs

In the past few weeks, the new gym has grown more and more each week! The first day, we had medicine balls, PVC pipes, and the bars + plates. Now we have a complete new Rouge pull-up system. No longer do we have to stagger start times so all the monkeys don’t knock each other off the Universal system we had.

 cf1 cf2 cf3 cf4 cf6

We had a Saturday WOD which is new for our gym. I showed up to take some pictures and check out the new equipment. Until I’m cleared to work, I’m not getting near the pull-ups. But I cannot WAIT to get back to some activity. Being sidelined with lung infections is about to make me go insane. I know one good sweaty workout will make me feel like a new person. Maybe later this week!

In the meantime, here are a few at-home or traveling WODs. Here is the link to my first set of at-home WODs. These do not require any equipment other than clothes, shoes, and a watch/timer. We used a couple of these during the moving transition without a gym. Members met at local parks to complete WODs. Who needs a gym every day?

 WOD7  wod 8 wod9wod 10


Sunday 15th of March 2015

What is WOD? Probably a stupid ? Love all of the workout suggestions!!thanks

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