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The BEST Pumpkin Spiced Coffee

Where did October go?? I may have started my fall decorating a few weeks..months…ago, but I still have a lot of things left on my list for fall.

Finally, lets get this out of the way.

I started looking for pumpkin spiced coffee in late July. I decorated the house (a new tradition in no way related to The Virus). I needed pumpkin coffee to go in my decorated coffee bar.

When I checked my usual sources, I couldn’t find them. I settled on a dusty bag from Amazon called New England or something like that. It was just blah and very vague.

It got me through until Starbucks released their version. I like their version, but again. Just a smidge higher than Dusty England.

I have purchased Death Wish Coffee’s version of pumpkin in previous years and loved it! But, it’s a limited edition and they like to build the anticipation on into late September. I can’t wait that long.

Next, I tried the Fresh Market version. Hard Pass. This was way too syrupy and caramel-y. It tasted like I licked a pumpkin candle.

And then, the skies parted and angels descended. The loyal readers of the Leaf Rakers’ Society group on Facebook highly recommended Bones Coffee in Jack’d O’ Lantern. Amazon finally got some in stock.

And that was 4 bags ago. It is heavy on the spice, light on the syrup and caramel. It just tastes like a good pumpkin pie.

It’s also VERY effective in testing my sense of smell each morning. You know, to check for symptoms of the The Virus.

After I inhaled all my Bones, Death Wish Coffee (high octane, easy on the stomach) released this year’s pumpkin. I bought my usual two bags. I will probably order another bag of beans to put back for next year.

Last, but kinda least, Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Coffee.

Y’all know I love most things Trader Joes. Good prices, organic, gluten-free, and just plain GOOD food. I refer to my Trader Joes’ Keto List often when I make a trip to Birmingham.

However, it’s been a few years since I bought this large, economical tub of coffee. In fact, the first and only container I bought a few years ago lasted a long time, well into spring.

Now I know why. When I popped out my brand new sparkly tub of Trader Joes’ Pumpkin, Stephen had a viceral facial reaction.

Upon further digging, it seems this particular coffee gives him incredible indigestion/heart burn.

He drinks coffee by the gallon. All kinds. We met over coffee. Married over coffee. Coffee is the tie that binds us together. I’ve never met a coffee that Stephen dislikes.

Sorry, Trader Joes. I’ll have to leave it on the shelf next year.