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Sweet November

I love this time of year! Even with the current state of the world, I have to find the good things. The solid things. The sweet things in life right now.

I can honestly say, I am ready to turn the page of 2020 on this blog. It is limping along for various reasons.

The biggest reason: I’m pretty sure if I ever start writing anything other than a recipe or running post, I’m going to pour out all the feelings and emotions of this year.

The world doesn’t need to witness that. But 2020 is absolutely the year of writer’s block.

Now, on to November.

October 31st, the transition begins. No amount of pleading the case for Thanksgiving will change my mind.

The time changed that weekend, so the world going dark at 4:30pm is much easier when the Christmas lights are blazing.

See this pitiful face? This is the last few minutes of a hunger strike.

Stephen went on a trip for a week and Atlas had some separation anxiety. He didn’t eat the night Stephen left. He didn’t eat the next morning. By the afternoon, I had to bring out the big guns.

This little guy knows a drive through window…thanks to Stephen. I don’t go to drive throughs, even with the current dining shutdowns. Stephen likes to take Atlas for some fries every time they go run errands, which is at least once a week.

I found this out when I went to pay the water bill at the drive-through. Atlas climbed into my lap and immediately let loose a drool factory. I had no idea what was going on and was afraid he had eaten something in my car and was exhibiting signs of poisoning.

The nice lady at the water company immediately said “looks like someone likes to go to fast food drive throughs!” A quick phone call to Stephen cleared up that situation.

So that brings me to now. I hoped taking Atlas to his favorite, Chick-Fil-A, would prompt him to eat.

It worked, obviously. He returned to normal eating routine for the rest of the week.

I’m now a Bones Coffee fanatic. I went ahead and doubled up on my preferred flavors for the holidays. Peppermint bark and Gingerbread. This is my winter happy coffee.

Every elementary teacher can relate to this. November and December are the Glitter months. We can’t really ever get rid of it. We just accept it and let the kids have memories and fun.