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Make It Paleo II review

A couple of weeks ago, Make It Paleo II arrived on my step and I frantically tore into the box. I had been waiting for this one. I have the orginal Make It Paleo and used it as one of my standard “learn to eat Paleo” cookbooks. After buying Gather, which is a beautiful display book that sits proudly on my counter,  I knew I would be faithful followers of Bill Staley and Haley Mason of the Primal Palate.

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What I love most about their cookbooks are the things that drew me to the Paleo lifestyle in the first place. Real food, cooked the way my mother, Grandmothers, and Great-grandmothers cooked. Making mealtimes special. Nothing new or fancy. Just healing, home-cooked meals that make a bad day a lot better after sitting down to a table brimming with quality dishes. No fancy dinner plates or kitchen gadgets needed. No pretentions. But also, no excuses. As evident by my sticker that I keep in my planner at all times.

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By taking a glance through the intro pages, I found basic Paleo information, introductions and reasons for a second edition, a fantastic and well-explained defense of white rice (yes…WHITE, not brown rice), and the best page all about FAT! By the way, did you hear that eggs and cholesterol are no longer on the FDA “list of death”? Now, buy this book and enjoy all the fat you can handle 😉



The first 2 recipes I made were Ethiopian Cabbage and Nightshade-Free Breakfast Sausage. Both were easy to make with ingredients I already had on hands or could easily find in a grocery store.

Ethiopean cabbage


Make It Paleo II will be released February 17 and you can find it on Amazon or at other retail bookstores.

For more information on Bill and Haley, check out their social channels. I especially love their Instagram account!

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Tuesday 3rd of November 2015

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