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Wondering About Wellness

As part of our school employee health program, we have to have a Wellness Screening every year. I wasn’t thrilled about this when it first started, but it’s a minor screening and it’s things I need to know every year.


Every year, I get a pretty darn good result. Glucose is within range, good cholesterol is rocking and rolling. Bad cholesterol is staying put in the corner. Triglycerides number is the envy of many. Total cholesterol is a joke, but it’s always within good range, considering how much protein and fat I eat.

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But then I had rude awakening this week.

Looks good, right?

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This is the screaming halt. Glucose is over 120. It’s only 1 point, but that is a fasting number and one year ago, it was below 100.


The nurse and I talked a while. She asked about recent illness (yes), recent drugs/shots (no), did I eat ANYTHING including gum, etc. Then I clued her in about my “pre-diabetes” diagnosis 7 years ago. I’ve managed to handle it without insulin up until now. We talked more and decided I needed to see my dr.

My doctor is fabulous. We took an A1c and did another fasting and then a 3 hour tests. Results are not awful but not great. I’ve been given 8 weeks to get my butt in gear with my sugar addiction. 8 weeks. Cut the sugar, cut the crap, eat what I KNOW my body likes, and move my tail more. I already run, but now I need to add back in strength training. I see my return to CrossFit coming up.

None of this is bad news. What gets me is that I’m now of the age that “wellness” is not assumed. People assume kids in their 20’s are “well”. Late 30’s and moving into 40’s, things begin to break down and weaken. Wellness is no longer assumed. I don’t feel a day over 28.

But my body is no longer 28. And that’s a hard pill to swallow.

Stay tuned for the 8 week turnaround!