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Taco Wednesday

2015-09-16 07.13.09

This is a little smidge of my mood at 5pm on a Wednesday afternoon. It’s been a LONG week and it’s only been 3 days. I’m still trying to shake off a sinus infection, my running is more waddle/jogging than sprinting, and I’m hungry.

Date night at Taco Mama was a nice ray of sunshine in my day. This is a local taco restaurant in Tuscaloosa that serves amazing nachos. That is all I have ever had there. I love the atmosphere here. It’s so laid back, the manager/owner knows us well, and the service can not be beat.

2015-09-16 17.51.23-1

It’s a good thing I ran this morning. I like to run after school, to run off the school stress, but late nights mean early mornings on the treadmill. I got 2.6 before I had to zoom to school for early duty. 2.6 very slow, but enjoyable “thankful to be running miles”.

I’m getting back on the better-eating track and soon. Aside from strict Paleo, I’ll be experimenting with alternating days of  higher protein/fat with days of lower fat/higher carbs from starchy vegetables and maybe occasional rice. That is the only grain that I can tolerate well. It’s all outlined in a new protocol from one of my favorite voices in the “true Paleo” world.

2015-09-07 09.19.18

I’ll of course, document everything here. I need to lose some fat and I know too much sugar and junk is not working for me. So this weekend, I’ll take my measurements, plan our meals, cook some things on Sunday to have ready for the week. I’m looking forward to feeling better, honestly. The holidays are coming up soon, but I already feel like I do in January—done with the sugar and treats and junk.

Bring on the Thursday!