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Meal Planning

I mentioned earlier that I’m ditching sugar again…sigh..again, and getting back on the Paleo train, which is the plan that works great for me when I stick to it. My glucose levels are low, my energy is high, my workouts are awesome, and I can fit in my pants.

So here we go. This time around, I’m working on alternating high fat and protein days with higher starch/lower fat days. I’ll talk more in detail as I work through this first week.

I made a big pan of pork carnitas. This is one of my favorite ways to make pork. I use it in salads, with sides, or just a bowl of crispy goodness.

2015-09-20 22.33.46

Fennel apple sausage. Great for more than just breakfast.


Kale frittata.


I also made a pan of chicken thighs and roasted some vegetables. I like to take chicken, roasted vegetables, and a cup of marinara sauce. It’s easy and quick if I meal prep on the weekends. But it is so good and filling.

2015-09-20 23.40.52

I say it all the time and this week, I’m actually following through with my own advice. Taking the time to meal prep on the weekends means I have good choices always ready in the fridge.

Happy Sunday!