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Forever Summer and Walgreens #DoDeoBetter

2016-09-11 19.10.16

Here in Alabama, it seems like the summer will never end. Since the middle of March, we have our typical long summer-like heat and humidity and I know I’m ready for some fall weather. Living in the wet blanket of humidity is not easy when I’m constantly on the go from early morning until late at night. Every time I walk outside, I’m covered in a sheen of sweat all over and then I freeze when I walk back inside an air-controlled building. Don’t get me wrong. I love my state and I love where I live, play, and work. But I could do without the summer humidity for 6-7 long months.

2016-09-13 06.58.08

My day begins with an early morning workout, usually at the local park or in my “fitness center” inside our huge shop. After a cool-down and shower (Southern girls know that showering while sweaty is futile. We must let the skin dry first), then I’m off to work with teaching Kindergarteners all day and 3rd graders after school in a tutoring program. Then I run any errands in town before driving to another park for a late-afternoon run or I’ll finish that run on the treadmill at home. Then, its time for another shower, cooking, planning lunches, and then settling in for family time with Netflix or a book. My days are jam-packed but they fly by this time of year. Because my late summer days are so busy, I need a deodorant that actually WORKS. I can’t just go pick a deo off the shelf and hope for the best. I HAVE to know that I’m protected because little kids will let me know in brutally honest ways if I’m the reason for some body odor issues in the classroom. Trust me on this.

With Walgreens #DoDeoBetter campaign, I don’t have to worry. With their 4 kinds of deodorants, picking the right one for my needs is easy. We all sweat differently and have different deodorant needs, but Walgreens has us covered. How do I know which one works? I had to decide what is my main concern. Do I need one to slow or stop pit sweating? Is smell my biggest concern? Do I have very sensitive skin? These are questions to take into consideration when picking out the best deodorant for the job. Walgreens has 4 categories.

Dry Sprays – Goes on instantly dry

Care – Cares for your sensitive skin

Motion Activated – Protects for 48 hours with Motionsense® technology.

Clinical Protection – Defends with clinical strength wetness protection

2016-09-22 17.55.43

I decided on the Motion activated category. With my busy day and the constant heat, I needed something that will LAST as long as my day lasts. Which seems forever on days when I combine after-school faculty meetings, allergy shots, grocery shopping, running after work, cooking, and cleaning dishes. I need my deodorant to hang in there for the long haul.

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Are you ready to try this out? Check Walgreens for information about choosing the best deodorant for YOUR lifestyle and needs. Right now there is a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off promotion along with 1,000 bonus points with your Walgreens Balance Rewards card. (Balance Rewards Offer good 9/25-10/1/16.) So, check out the Walgreens site about their 4 kinds of deodorants then head over to your local store to take advantage of this offer. Bring in the fall season knowing your deodorant will work as hard and as long as you do!



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