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Workout Wednesday- Winter Workouts

2018 Workout Wednesday

I’m so excited about this new feature. Workout Wednesday is all about the many other ways to workout other than running. Many people run exclusively. Their bodies are made for running and they rarely need anything else. Think about those graceful gazelles at the starting lines. So light they almost float through a race.

I, on the other hand, am the wildebeest (without THAT much body hair) at the back who loves to run but needs other things to do so I CAN run and by “run”, I mean slowly putter and plod through the course. I may look like I’m dying, but trust me, I LOVE racing and running. Workout Wednesday is all about strength training, stretching, mobility, functional fitness, yoga, walking, etc.

Workout Wednesday yearly plan

For this first January post, let’s talk about winter workouts. Believe or not, Alabama is actually having winter weather. We had a very rare early December snow that was more than all my years I’ve lived in AL. Then we had the deep freeze that lasted many days. Next week, we *might* have more snow. It’s utter mayhem around Tuscaloosa. I’m the biggest weather weenie of them all. Mention snow and I’m glued to maps and models and forums like a rabid monkey on a Cheetoe.

How can one workout in weather like this IF I’m not acclimated to weather like this? I see my northern friends with ICE ON THEIR EYELASHES. Ice. Eyelashes. Hardcore beast mode. That’s not me.  What options are there for winter workouts?

Indoor classes

Now is a great time to join the gym. Find one with classes that you will actually participate and enjoy. Check out the class size limits, social media reviews, and take a tour before signing anything.

Indoor home workouts

If you have home equipment, use it! If you do not have home equipment, start small with a set of dumbbells or kettlebells and a list of body-weight functional exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home and netflix. Just got a Peloton bike for Christmas? Get busy with it. And then invite me over to try it out. I’m fascinated by the last commercial for the bike.

Bundle up, buttercup.

If you’re going to brave the elements, dress for it. Protect your extremities, head, core. Have gloves and hat ready. Extreme lows or wind chills might call for face protection. Use a core warmer or wind stopper jacket. And remember that wind can cause frostbite before you begin to notice it. Just because your hands seem warm, your skin still needs protection from the wind. As far as your feet, wool socks do not work well against sweaty feet. Layer them over your usual tried-and-true blister proof socks. Don’t forget to keep hydrated before and after.

Workouts can’t wait until spring. Even on cold dark days, a brisk workout indoors or outdoors can warm you up and make you feel better. If you’re like me, you’re still trying to work off some holiday cookies and cheese.