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Running in a winter Runningland

2016-12-04 23.56.27

Getting in a 5K on a cold winter day is just about perfection. If I had to pick a favorite time of year to run, these cold-but-not-miserable days in early December would rank pretty high on that list. I went to the park to get these miles done for the Virtual Run series. I should have grabbed some gloves, but I can’t find them. When we packed up in March, gloves were the last thing on my mind. Therefore, they are in a box somewhere and I didn’t mark them. I’ll have to go box-digging later.

elf running

This is the 2nd day of December. I have so many things to do, enjoy, and selfie and I need sleep. Those cookies are not going to get baked by themselves. I may not have a real oven, but I’m going to do some baking that can be done in an “easy bake” camper oven. I can’t wait!!!

Speaking of things I want on my Christmas list….

2015-12-03 06.36.58

I found my Lord of the Rings DVD box!!! The entire collection along with Star Wars was in the Christmas DVD box. Because obviously, Orlando Bloom is the gift that keeps on giving.