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Meal Prep Sunday

2018 Meal Prep Sunday jan 7

Tomorrow is the big starting point of normalcy. I had teacher work day last week and lunch was provided for us. Tomorrow, we are back to normal working schedules and back to healthy eating after the holidays. Now that I have a house with 2 full-size ovens and a full size stove, my weekend meal prep days are back!

I cannot emphasize enough how crucial these meal prep days are for me. I have really missed them and had way too much fun today playing in the kitchen. Each week, I plan to share my menu for the week and share my meal prep results. My meal prep works for our family so if you are new to a weekend meal prep, you may want to experiment with different variations.

Any google or instagram search for #mealprep will show counters full of pre-portioned meals and snacks. Some people prep ALL their meals for the week. Some prep their lunches and snacks. Others may prep the separate ingredients to quick-cook later in the week. There is no wrong way to do this.

I am actually changing my complete routine this year. Before the house construction, I would make several separate dishes and store in the fridge for my lunch and breakfast. The problem I noticed was that by Friday, we had not eaten all the food I prepared. Either an unexpected eating out night happened or I didn’t feel like cooking and we snacked, etc. I was stuck with having to either get creative with a big pot of soup or dividing food into containers for freezing.

This year, I am prepping my breakfast and lunches, and batch cooking protein for week night dinners. I absolutely love to cook, and even more so in my dream kitchen. I do not want to make EVERYTHING on Sundays, but pre-cooking garlic ground beef or roasting some chicken or pork is a great time-saver. I am not pre-cooking lunches for my husband because his work schedule is rotating days and nights and he loves whatever is leftover from dinner.

Now that I have explained my whole thought process, what’s on the menu this week? (check back for the recipes!). Because Whole30 begins this week, all meals are Whole30 compliant.

Here is my first meal prep in the house and in 2018!

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