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Friday Favorites 20-Soup’s on!


The weather is finally getting better and there is nothing I want more than SOUP! Whether it is broth-based or thick and creamy, soup just makes life better on a cold night. While we are not in serious danger of frost on the pumpkin, as soon as a chilly breeze comes in, I’m making soup.

1. Potato soup

My favorite has to be potato soup. Prior to having to cut gluten, I would make a thick soup base with cream and flour. But now I use something even better…CREAM CHEESE!

potatosoup11 copy

2. Gumbo

This recipe calls for flour to make the roux. I now make it with a gluten-free flour like Pamela’s Biscuit and Baking mix. That is the only change I make to this.

gumbofinal copy

3. Taco Soup

I could eat this every week. Spicy, easy to make, easy to tweak with whatever you have in the pantry/fridge, and easy to jazz up with things like cilantro-lime sour cream, chipotle-cheddar cheese, peppers, herbs, chips, etc.

tacosoup4 copy

4. Broccoli Cheese Soup

I haven’t made this in a while. If I make it again, I’ll change the flour OR try the cream cheese trick I use for the potato soup. This is one of Stephen’s favorites!

soup copy

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