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Ready to Rumble

This morning got off to a bad start.

Glucose 227. That’s crazy high for me. I need to be below 110 and when my diet is in check and all things are moovin’ and groovin’ on the Paleo train, it is consistently below 100. This is a load of junk and it’s my own fault.

2014-10-02 07.02.51

Nothing says “get it together” like coffee with NO sugar. Fat, yes. Sugar, nuh uh.


And since my pancreas is not happy, I took time to make food for the long day at work. I’m tutoring a class of 10-14 after school for two hours. I need food. Lots of it. This is just the stuff from the fridge. I have more raw fruit, stuff from Steve’s Paleo Goods, a couple of RX Bars, and some yogurt for later if I need it.

Beef stir fry, carrots, almond butter (not my favorite brand but I’m out of my favorite), roasted sweet potatoes.


Frankie, the passive-aggressive furbaby. I wouldn’t feed him AGAIN so he refused to get off the bed so I could finish making it. We tugged for a while. I finally gave up.


School is so much better these days. The morale is on the mend, the kids are learning they can be kids. Teachers are learning they have a voice. It’s all good. However…kindergarten lunch is not good. The schedules are the same as before which means we have a TOTAL of 20 minutes from the time we walk in the cafeteria to the time we leave it. Getting 25 kids through the lunch line (it is self-serve…which means the teachers scoop and serve to the little ones) is not easy or quick. I’m usually grabbing something off the lunch line in the form of a canned wilted vegetable, french fries “baked”,  or a fruit. But after this mornings’ glucose reading, I will eat in my room while reading to the kids if I have to. I am going to eat lunch and I’m going to take time to warm it up in the teacher’s lounge like a real person. Maybe we can work on extending the lunch schedule now that we have a new principal. For today, I ate at my desk while the kids did bathroom and clean up (10 minutes).


It’s October, which means this cup is just  right for some hot tea. Even if it is still 90* outside. I refuse to do anything summer anymore. I’m all about the fall.

great pumpkin

Happy Thursday!