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Weekend Meal Prep Keto Ideas

Welcome to another weekend meal prep roundup. I really should have made a roundup of flu recovery tricks. It would include mostly my whiskey cough syrup and a random soup recipe. That’s all that’s been cooked in this house lately. With all the medicine I had to take, all the Gatorade and chicken+rice soup, all …

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Weekend Meal Prep Whole 30

With my slow start with getting back on track with keto, I have to admit I’ve been looking back at my very successful rounds of Whole30. I am thinking of starting a February Whole 30 for the simple fact that it works and it leads me right into Keto. The big differences between the 2 …

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Meal Prep Sunday Jan 14

I really shouldn’t start the year off with lying to my friends and Mom. So, here’s the truth. I didn’t prep a single thing today. Why? Because 1) I’m feeling like I’ve been hit by an 18 wheeler and it backed up to run over me again. 2) I have tomorrow off in observance of …

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Sunday Strolling

What a FAST day! We traveled to see my mother in law for her birthday. Her birthday is the day after mine. And no, Stephen has never gotten them confused. First stop was lunch after church. We tried the Shrimp Basket in Tuscaloosa. I wanted somehting simple that was gluten-free. That counted out ANYTHING within …

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Happy Valentines Day!!

Nothing says Happy Valentine’s Day like chocolate covered strawberies. These are so easy, I didn’t bother with a recipe card. You wash the strawberries. DRY COMPLETELY. Melt some milk chocolate with a tablespoon of rum and a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream. Dip the strawberries. D rizzle with white chocolate. Use a piping bag (my …

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Weekly Menu April 13

Another week, and time to buckle down on Whole 30. I plan to start Tuesday. I had a rough run of a few weeks with flu and pneumonia and while I did have my fair share of sweet coffee and tea, I had WAY too many white potatoes and rice soups. I have puffed up …

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Weekly Menu April 6

Oven is still broken, so I’m stove-topping this week. And, honestly, this is a lofty menu goal. I just got slammed with an early season sinus infection and I feel like death warmed over. We have a very intense week of school coming up and I just don’t feel like doing more than just surviving. …

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Weekly Menu March 9

Here we go!   I have not done a meal prep yet. That should happen on Tuesday night. I have a long day on Monday and will not get to the store until Tuesday anyway. The “everything but the kitchen sink soup” will be easy to throw together on Monday. Happy Eating!

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Weekly Menu February 2

I can’t believe this is the LAST WEEK of Whole 30. Actually, the last 2 days.  Tuesday will be day 30. I am ready to weigh and check my measurements. I know pants are looser, but I can’t tell anything else. For dinners (and lunches..assuming I don’t leave my lunch bag again), I’m looking  forward …

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