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Weekly Menu, Planning, and Whole30

jan 11

I’ve said it over and over that meal prep on the weekend is probably THE biggest factor in making Whole30 a success. Sugar is evil. I know I will not spend the rest of my life avoiding it, but I can certainly decrease my dependency on the stuff.

For this week, I made a few new recipes and a couple of favorites. As usual, I will post the recipes this week and provide the links here as I post them 🙂

1. “Creamy” Chicken Tomato soup from Everyday Paleo

2. Roasted sweet potatoes

3. Sausage egg cups

4. Roasted dijon chicken thighs

5. Breakfast scramble

6. Beef+Bison stir fry

2015-01-11 21.54.00-2

day 7

Day 7 thoughts: Today was FANTASTIC! I woke up with energy and I was even breathing better. It seems like a fog is lifting. I had plenty of energy all day to grocery shop, attend church services, meal prep, and work on school lesson plans. I didn’t even need a Sunday nap, which is completely unheard of. I’m still craving sweet in my coffee. I think this will be the last hurdle. I’m done with craving soda at school. I still keep all my cash and change in my car, but I’m not thinking about it daily.

This week I used my new Meal Planner notebook. I LOVE this from Carrie Elle on Etsy. I have changed my menu slightly from grocery shopping this morning, but I love this layout.

carrie elle

menu planner

I’m ready for the week! I have one main goal: Return to CrossFit.

Have a great week and stay warm!