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Weekend Meal Prep Soups and Stews

20019 Meal prep soups stews

It’s time for some weekend meal prep ideas! One of my new areas of focus on the blog is getting all my recipes organized and formatted while actually creating more recipes. Along with that, I’m finally able to start meal prepping on the weekends again. I was in a pretty consistent routine about 2 years ago before we sold the house and moved into the RV. Last year, we moved into the new house and it has taken me a while to get my kitchen exactly how I want it and to get into a good rhythm again. 2019 is my year of taking on all the challenges and weekend meal prep is right up there on the list.

Welcome to my new Sunday feature.

I have a lot of recipes on this blog, many dating back to 2010-2011 long before recipe cards or Pinterest came along. I use my search button on the sidebar to find my recipes or use my recipe page for keyword search. With this many recipes, it just makes sense to do recipe round up twice a month. I’m starting off small with only 4-5 recipes for each post, but that may change later this year to include more.

I plan to do some themed round ups like this week and some general weeknight quick meals. All recipes will be gluten-free. Many will follow a paleo, Whole 30, or keto plan, but I will include that information within the post. To start this week, it’s all about winter soups and stews.

Slow cooker Paleo Mexican Beef Stew This is an easy throw-in-the-slow-cooker recipe but it’s packed with flavor. It’s great for entertaining, as well. Keep this one handy for when someone in your house invites guests but “forgot” to let you know until 6am and they’ll be at your door at 6pm.


Whole 30 Chipotle Chicken Tomato Soup Soups like this make me long for the days of grilled cheese and tomato soup. I don’t keep gluten-free bread in the house. If I want a sandwich, I have to haul my behind to a store 30 minutes away. This soup is worth the trip to the store for gluten-free bread and 3 cheeses for the ultimate comfort food.  This is one of my less-appealing photographs, but it’s high on the search list. I really need to recreate and re-shoot this recipe.

chipotle chicken tomato

Sweet Potato Chili (Whole 30) This one was a rockstar staple during my first Whole 30. If you had asked me the week before about putting sweet potatoes in chili, I would have rolled my eyes. After making this, I rolled myself back to the pot for more and make some lunch bowls, too. The sweet potato adds a depth of flavor that you just have to try to understand.


Broccoli Cheese Soup When I make broccoli cheese soup on the fly, this is what I am aiming to create. Rich and creamy with plenty of broccoli and a few carrots, I love this on cold nights. The recipe calls for all purpose flour. I use Bob’s Red Mill 1-1 gluten free baking flour. Measure it just like regular flour. Nobody will know the difference.


That’s all for this first round of my new Sunday feature. Check back in 2 weeks for more!