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CrossFit Deck of Death and Running Recap

This is perhaps the most brutal home workout I’ve done. Ever. That includes all the P90x workouts, the Insanity workouts, the marathon training runs on the dreadmill, and clearing wood timber for a building project. And because I had SO MUCH FUN (when I could breath enough to think about it), I’m sharing the workout here. I made two different at-home WODs, both requiring a set of dumbells or a weighted barbell. One also requires a set of kettlbellls OR you could use one dumbell to swing.

This is called the deck of death and this goes far beyond the ol “52 card pickup” game that we all got suckered into at the age of 5.

To put it in the simplest terms possible, get a deck of cards. Shuffle. Turn one over. Refer to the guide and do the movement. The suit determines the movement. The number determines the rep. Face cards are 10. Aces are 11. Jokers are whatever you want them to be, I did not specify.



This took a lot of time and a lot of water. But when it was all over, you knew you had worked your tail off.

I also made another workout using just a set of dumbells or weighted barbell. Also, check out my other At-Home/Travel WODs.



Running Recap Jan 21-26

This week was a complete 180 from last week. I actually had energy to spare. The running seemed effortless. This could be for a few reasons. I know I’ve lost some weight. My clothes are looser and my face is thinning out. Also, my joints do not hurt as much and I never realized they were sore. I feel like the Tin Woman will a new oil can Smile 

Monday; 4 miles

Tuesday; 4 miles

Wednesday: 3 miles

Thursday: rest

Friday; 3 miles

Saturday: 6 miles

Total: 20 miles

Whole 30 Day 12: The world smiles on everyone
Meal Plan Jan 28

Jeff Sandberg

Monday 15th of December 2014

I love the deck of death 2. That's going in my routine twice weekly. Thanks for sharing!

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