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Whole 30 Day 12: The world smiles on everyone

It’s Friday so I’m in a particularly chipper mood no matter what I’m eating. I slept hard last night and 4:30 am just didn’t happen. I blew off a workout and enjoyed 2 extra hours of sleep. I kept the same breakfast of banana, almond butter, and coffee. Scrambling into jeans for Friday jeans day took 2 minutes and then I was out the door, zooming to school. I felt great, though. Rushed, hectic, but not over the top sluggish/anxious. School was very chaotic with picture day, test day, Popcorn day, 100th DAY OF SCHOOL parties, and general happy it’s Friday shenanigans. At the end of the day, I wasn’t ready to crash in a corner. Yes, I was worn out, but not utterly exhausted. Sugar sucks the life right out of me, it seems.

I miss chocolate. That’s really the only thing I stare at in the pantry. Dark Chocolate chips leftover from holiday baking. I haven’t missed cheese or yogurt. I like them, but I’m not craving them. It’s been 12 days and I’m whispering so nobody can hear me. I like this. I really like how I feel. But don’t tell anybody because I swore up and down a painted fence that I wouldn’t eat a Paleo type diet.

For lunch, I had the last bit of chipotle chicken soup. I had a few cashews for a snack. Tons of water, as I’m seriously thirsty lately.

Dinner was Coffee Roast. It was ready when I got home and it was really good! The coffee really worked with the tomatoes to create enough acidity to break down the roast but added another layer of flavor. I would have never guessed there was coffee in it.


12 Days gone, almost halfway there. I’m not tired of it. I feel like I’m retraining my brain, my tastes, my addictions. It feels good.

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Friday 22nd of February 2013


I am currently on day 12 of my first Whole30 and find myself missing dark chocolate as well. Was that the first thing you indulged in when you finished? :)

Take care,



Saturday 23rd of February 2013

I added a bit of dark chocolate around day 40. I have a small piece every other day or so. I have not experienced any inflammation or reaction like I did with rice and milk. :)