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Snow’s Bend Farm

This year we joined one of our local farms for a CSA box each week. Community-Supported Agriculture is a partnership between farms and buyers and it’s a fantastic way to “know thy farmer”. I know where my food is grown and how it’s grown. I do not have to find a sticker to find the source. I can communicate with the farmers and have all my questions answered about my share each week. I’ve been buying from Snow’s Bend from their stall at the farmer’s market each week so I already knew I loved their produce. This year, we just made the final step to having a share in the farm. They also raise pastured pigs. Happy pigs. Pampered pigs. Next year, we plan to buy our pork direct from Snow’s Bend.

I’ve been super pleased with the shares so far. Early spring, the boxes are full of various greens and STRAWBERRIES!! So far, I’ve had rainbow chard, spinach, collards, kale, cilantro, parsley, spring salad mix, green onions, garlic, radishes, and turnips.

Week 1

2016-04-08 19.18.33

Week 2

2016-04-16 17.42.22

Week 3

2016-04-23 11.53.20

Week 4

2016-05-01 18.26.02

I pick up my box each week from another favorite place, Mary’s Cakes and Pastries. I pick it up on Thursday, right after my 2nd tutoring job, and then I plan my weekend meal prep around the items in the box. Working through a CSA box takes planning and some flexibility. I do not want one leaf wasted so I find myself prioritizing my greens and berries early in the week. I look forward to my Thursday CSA day. Stay tuned for more information!


Thursday 5th of May 2016

Snow Bend is my favorite stand at the farmer's market. My husband, who doesn't pay attention most of the time, even knows that I stop at Snow Bend's stand before I buy produce from any other stand.