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Welcome to Katrina Runs for Food!

I’ve never been known to stick to the rules. With a title like that, one would think this is my first blog post. Interestingly enough, my first blog post is titled “The Flu is a lovely thing”. I seriously just opened up a Blogger account and started with stream-of-conscious words about running and dealing with a long battle with IT band problems.

So why now? After almost 2,000 blog posts why am I now using this title? Mostly because I know I have taken a long break since the house selling and move 4 weeks ago and honestly, my posts have been sporadic since January. I have used this time to really reflect on my blog from a personal and professional viewpoint. While this little corner of the internet started out as a place to talk about running, it became a healthy living blog incorporating daily posts about fitness and food and I’m absolutely going to continue down that path. Along the way, I’ve turned this hobby into a small business that does generate some revenue from mostly food photography. I learned about photography first from a year-long project in self-portraits and then moved to food. I had many trials and errors until the good folks at Foodgawker and Tastespotting took notice and posted my pictures. One not-so-great (really..zucchini…it’s one of my most bland pictures) recipe was picked it by Buzzfeed and now this blog is supplementing my teacher salary more than I ever thought. I’ve had some truly amazing opportunities and I’ve checked off some bucket-list items.

But along the way, I started wondering the whats and whys. What do I like to write about? What is my blog really about? When I have those “I want to blog this!” moments, what are they about? Why do I even blog? Who is my audience? And I realized that although I have decent page views, I’m not sure I have a well-established audience. My ad publishers tell me that it’s better to have more “unique” viewers than return viewers. That means more revenue. But I think there should be a healthy balance of both. If I’m honest with myself, I know why I do not have an audience. I do not blog regularly and lately, it’s haphazard. I’m not very active in my niche blogger network. I’ve been too busy with life to actually enjoy and write about life. So, things are about to change. For the better.

After many weeks of really thinking about this, I think I’m finally ready to re-introduce myself to the tiny corner of the world that checks in for more than just a recipe for spiked cough medicine (it’s a great recipe for actual coughs, too!). I truly enjoy writing and I have a knack for the dry humor and side-eye sarcasm that many people in “real life” appreciate about me.

What is Katrina Runs for Food? What can viewers expect to read?

  • First and foremost, it is a real-life look at the daily adventures at living and enjoying a healthy life. That means daily “life” posts that might include my fitness routine, my meals, thoughts, etc.
  • Running-training, races, struggles, gains, injury prevention, snake-wrangling, trail mud and road rash. Clothing reviews, Saucony love, gadgets and gizmos related to the miles.
  • CrossFit and strength-training. Chalk dust and sweat angels and Rhabdo and the most amazing group of people at CrossFit Candor. Stay tuned to that as I join my 5:30am class.
  • Recipes and cookbook reviews. I sincerely enjoy photography and I want to improve my rusty skills. Taking pictures of food is normal for me after 7 years of doing just that. My recipes are gluten-free (since 2012) and mostly Paleo because that works for me.
  • Sustainability is a big deal with me and my family. I’ve always enjoyed sharing farmer’s markets, local food venues, and farm-to-table experiences. That passion has only increased since we moved from a subdivision and are now working our own land.
  • Local business highlights, especially food venues. Tuscaloosa is in the beginning of a fantastic sustainability movement. I love being a part of that and will post often about what our town is doing with regards to health, fitness, and food venues.

If you are still reading, thanks for sticking with me this long. If you are a new viewer, thank you for taking few moments to see what I’m all about! And welcome to Katrina Runs for Food!

Sunset Railroad Bridge Tuscaloosa William Woodward

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Smitha @ Running with SD Mom

Tuesday 26th of April 2016

Seriously I think house selling and buying is a special type of hell! Super stressful and so glad you made it out okay. I am in the throes of it now and I am drowning!