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Rock’n’Roll New Orleans

I’m headed to the Big Easy, Baby!!

This week, I officially start my first week training for the half-marathon on February 28th. I have 12 weeks ahead of me to train and mentally prepare for this race. 2015 just wasn’t my year so I have huge expectations for 2016.

These first couple of weeks, I’ll run 3 days a week and cross-train with lifting 2-3 days a week. Due to my history of IT band and hip issues, I have to lift HEAVY weights to keep my legs happy so I can run. Otherwise, that IT band over weak glutes and hams will inflame and sideline me.

I can’t really put into words just how relieved and calm and happy I feel about training again. It’s like the missing piece of a very large puzzle. Running for base miles definitely has a purpose and I’m glad I kept it up. Training is a whole new mind game and I can’t wait to get in that zone again.

I’ll return to my favorite proven plan, the Hal Higdon Novice 1 plan. With Rock’n’Roll races, the party is not just at the finish line. The whole course is one big feast for the senses. And Nola…well, I know it won’t be boring! My goal is to have a great race. Times and PRs will have to wait until later in the year.

If you have been reading my blog for more than a year, then you know how rough the past year has been for our family. This race is going to be a celebration of making it through that dark place and finally pulling out of rock bottom. Thanks for hanging with me during this past year. I have great things in mind for 2016!!

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