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Random Thoughts…Lottery edition

~ I didn’t buy a lottery ticket so I will just sit back and watch a bowling team, retired folks, and someone filthy rich fight over it. Do you ever REALLY see a good natured waitress who looks great in jeans and a ball cap win the lottery?

~ A person has a better chance of getting struck by lightening 500 times than winning the lottery once. Yes, I plan to be on Jeopardy one day.

~ A lottery ticket buyer is 5 times more likely to be eaten by a shark. I have no idea what that means, but it’s on a righteous “lottery is the DEVIL” flyer. Does that count if the lottery ticket buyer lives in Kansas?

~ Really interesting winners:

  • You’re Andrew Jackson Whittaker. You’ve just won the Powerball lottery in December 2002, earning yourself a cool $314.9 million (that’s right – a third of a billion dollars). You could take the whole lot spread over 20 years, giving you something like $1.31 million a month, or you could take a smaller amount (about half) in a single lump sum. Whittaker took the latter, proving he either wanted to burn through money real fast or was real dumb.


  • 28-year old Clarence Jackson won the Connecticut lottery in 1995. Well, I say won. Technically, he didn’t. His numbers came up, but he didn’t reclaim the prize, losing out on $5.8 million. The guy had a year to claim, but didn’t bother turning up until 15 minutes after the deadline ended. Stupid.  {source}

~ The first thing I would do if I won: pay off student loan, house, and Stephen’s truck. I would buy a new 4 Runner just like I currently have, and buy a plot of land in Colorado. The rest….IN THE BACKYARD IN A JAR! The interest at the banks now is laughable. I might spring for a new laptop, but I would have to think about it.

~ One thing I WOULDN’T buy: another Fitbit. I’m on my third one now. They replaced my one-month-old one for free, but saying “they don’t respond well to sweat” does not make me believe in your product. So what is next on my gadget list if this next one doesn’t last?

The nike fuel-band. It’s sweat proof.


Friday 30th of March 2012

Fun post ;-) I think that is why I don't even bother with the lottery. I know the odds are way way WAY out of my favor!! Bummer on the FitBit. How can it not be good with sweat...isn't that what it's FOR?!