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Pity party for 1

I’m negative for Hepatitis A!!!

Now the other news. I’ve got elevated liver enzymes. And in my case, it’s a result of out of control diabetes. That felt like a slap in the face considering how hard I fight to keep my levels as low as possible. But my “low” is not low enough for the latest research showing significant organ damage at glucose levels as low as 140. So now what? I see an endocrinologist in two weeks.

And I start my own pity party.


Salisbury Steak that won’t cause a coronary.
Random Thoughts…Lottery edition


Sunday 20th of May 2012

i am planning on ridnig my bicycle across the country on august 1st, and i'm looking for interesting things i may see when i go out. im heading through new orleans and this totally captivated me. i would love to wander around the park and take pictures. i know its illegal and i really don't want to get arrested, so i'm a little cautious.are there any security assigned there? it seems the only way the cop came was because he saw you at the top of the roller coaster, other than that,m would you have gotten away with it?


Monday 2nd of April 2012

aw! I am sorry about your test results. That must be even more frustrating given you work so hard at it. Genetic, huh? Stinks :(