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One day closer to Fall

Today is one of these days..

2014-08-18 15.56.21

I knew when I ordered this cover for my planner, I would need this reminder at some point in my year. I just didn’t know the circumstances.

2014-08-17 21.59.02

Now that I’m feeling like cooking and eating again, I have a new cookbook from the publisher to review! This one is so down-to-earth with ingredients you can find in most stores and EASY recipes. I can’t wait to do some weekend cooking with this.

2014-08-18 07.14.51

Monday went by FAST! I have a great group of kids and they fill my day with laughs and excitement over the smallest things. That’s how Kindergarten should be Smile

I gobbled down some apple and cheese at lunch. I hope we get the lunch line moving faster in the next couple of weeks. I’m ready for some good hot food that I have time to eat and enjoy. But this works great when I’m on my feet helping a LOT of kiddos.

2014-08-18 11.37.38

And then we come to the rough part of the day. And empty waiting room because we are waiting on my hGC results to see if my body has gotten the point that I’m no longer pregnant.

And hasn’t gotten the memo. I go back on Wednesday for a final blood draw and ultrasound.

2014-08-18 16.06.32

But, one day day closer to THIS! And rumor has it that it’s coming in AUGUST!