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More tomato talk



I write about my life, and lately, my life is tomatoes. I hate them. Eating a raw tomato is along the same lines as eating a raw oyster. Or snail. The texture is the same, therefore I do not eat raw tomatoes.

But slice them, add olive oil and basil, slow roast until all the gunk is gone and I might eat them like chips. And that is why I begged for a grape tomato plant that produces directly in relation to how many are picked. The more Stephen picks, the more that little plant will produce.

And that’s just fine with me.

Remember those cute little jars I found in Colorado? I found some very similar here in Tuscaloosa at the old hardware store downtown. Forget the big box stores when it comes to things like canning. We ate at the City Cafe’ which is a Northport legend for years. Ask any University of Alabama student about the best breakfast in town, and City Cafe wins every time. After we had breakfast, I saw the hardware store and thought just maybe they would have these. Of course, they were right next to the front door and practically jumped in my hands. These are perfect for preserving roasted grape tomatoes.




This was almost as much fun as 80’s montage.

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Thursday 29th of September 2011

[...] Add 1/4 cup of tomatoes. I had some frozen roasted cherry tomatoes. [...]

Hannah at FleurDeLicious

Sunday 10th of July 2011

I do like raw tomatoes...but these sound a million times better. I'm trying my hand at canning and preserving for the first time this summer, and these look delicious! Tossed with some whole wheat pasta...yum!


Wednesday 13th of July 2011

I doubt I will ever heat can tomatoes. I grew up helping my grandmother, but I love the easy freezing method. And fresh tomatoes with ww pasta and some basil sounds perfect!


Sunday 10th of July 2011

I feel the same way about fresh tomatoes! I wish I liked them, but alas, no. I love this idea. I think it would be perfect to keep a jar of those around for whatever!


Wednesday 13th of July 2011

I'm determined to get more tomatoes in my life! :)