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John Wayne’s route to Telluride

While on the road to Telluride, we found a neat cafe called the True Grit cafe in Ridgeway, Co. If that name sounds familiar, a remake of the original John Wayne film was recently released in theatres. Stephen happens to be a fan of John Wayne. By “fan”, I mean that he would tatoo JW’s face on his butt if he thought I wouldn’t notice. And on some days, I think he might risk it.


cafe2 cafe3

While he salivated over his movie hero, I checked out the food.

Grit Beef Philly and Green Chili. It’s made with green chili peppers and I WILL re-create this in the fall.

cafe4 chili

Look what I found and had no idea they existed—quarter pint mason jars! I loved these!


We are staying at the Rico Hotel outside of Telluride. I’m ready to get settled in one place for a few days. Hiking is definitely on the agenda since I have a half marathon in a few days (yikes!) and lots of mountain fishing and pictures. I should probably enjoy some rest, but I forgot what good sleep felt like. I bet this place could re-introduce me again.

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