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A Little Birthday twist

Today is Stephen’s Birthday. It’s also National Fried Chicken Day. Coincidence? I think not. Stephen decided to announce his impending arrival while his 44 year old mother was camping with her family. He was bound and determined to be born on an important day. He could have chosen to arrive a little earlier on our nation’s birthday and forever be a patriotic baby, but hey, fried chicken is very important to us in the South.

But when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner…….fried fish.

So, I channeled my inner Paula Deen and soaked some fish (that he caught) in seasoned buttermilk, dredged it in seasoned corn meal, and fried that fish with all the reverence I could muster. After all, the only thing he had wrapped up at the dinner table was knife sharpener that he begged for so he could sharpen my knives. The man deserves some good fried fish.

Southern Battered Fish

1 cup buttermilk

Cajun seasoning

1 cup cornmeal, add cajun seasoning as desired.

1. Combine first two ingredients in a zip bag or shallow dish. Add fish fillets to soak while you assemble cornmeal and heat oil.

2. Keep cornmeal in a separate dish for easy dredging.

3. Heat oil in shallow pan to 175*.

4. Dip fish in cornmeal and cook in pan 3 min per side. Place on towel lined plate to soak up any excess oil. Salt if desired.


This turned out pretty good! The key to crispy fish that’s not soggy and greasy is the get your oil hot enough. If it’s hot, the oil steams the fish from the inside.

Happy Birthday, Stephen! I hope you enjoyed your gift and I know my knives will be a LOT easier to use and maybe I won’t slice off tips of fingers 😉


Thursday 7th of July 2011

Happy birthday to Stephen!