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Tomatoes for winter

I’m not the biggest fan of chomping down on a fresh sliced tomato. I should be, but the consistency of a raw tomato makes me think of horror movie props. I have no idea why, but there it is. However I LOVE the taste of sauces and juices from home grown tomatoes. And recently, I’ve learned to savor the taste of roasted cherry tomatoes. Roasting them gives them a whole new consistency that I now crave.

Since the garden is running over with tomatoes, I got a wild idea about canning them like my relatives did years ago. Then I came to my senses and googled tomato preservation for those of us a little freaked out about botulism. I had no idea that I could throw those things in the jar and then freeze them. I could even put them in freezer zip bags and freeze them, but I love the jars.

For the cherry tomatoes, I decided to season and SLOW roast them first. Then I can get out as few or as many as I need throughout the winter.

Pre-heat oven to 200. These will roast for about 2 hours.

1. Wash and slice tomatoes and place on sheet pan.

2. Drizzle with oil, salt, dried basil or seasoning of choice, if desired.

3. Slow roast for 2 –3 hours until they start shriveling around the edges.

4. Cool completely. Scoop into clean jar with juices and oil.

5. Freeze. Enjoy throughout the year. To defrost, let the jar stand at room temperature or place jar in WARM water (Not HOT or it could crack jar). Or, take out as few as you need and return jar to freezer.





A little sad that a whole tray of tomatoes dwindled down to a pint and a half for the freezer. Good thing the plants are loaded down with more for me. I love these things and can’t wait for summer roasted goodness in December.

For the whole tomatoes, I wanted to preserve them after I pureed’ and parboiled them for a few minutes.

1. Wash tomatoes and take out stem and core.

2. Blend tomatoes, skin and all, until desired consistency.

3. Bring to a slow simmer on stove. I barely let them simmer for 10 minutes.

4. Let the puree’ cool completely

5. Place in clean jars with a little room at the top for freezer expansion.

6. To defrost, leave out at room temperature or place jar in WARM water. DO NOT MICROWAVE.  tomatoes



Even after all this tomato preservation, I was craving a salad and I knew Stephen would love sliced tomatoes on his. It’s a good thing we have plenty of them.


Next up, canning my own bone broth. We may need a new freezer.

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