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Mary’s Cakes and Pastries

A few days ago, I had the privilege of attending a Paleo baking class at our local bakery, Mary’s Cakes and Pastries in Northport. I have been a huge fan of Mary’s bakery because she makes gluten-free treats. I have been looking for gluten-free for over 2 years and Mary has hit it out of the park. Her cookies and macaroons are drool-worthy.

When I started noticing her mentions of Paleo cooking and workouts with Iron Tribe Tuscaloosa, I paid attention. When she offered a Paleo baking class, I knew I wanted to see Mary in action. My Paleo baking is non-existent. I make gluten-free treats during the holidays using a basic all-purpose flour blend, but it is NOT Paleo. I wanted to see how she makes her fantastic scones and muffins using nut flours like almond and coconut.

Not only did I have a blast with some new friends, but I learned to make these at home with minimal fuss. We made scones, crackers, apple muffins and banana muffins.

Marys Northport 8

Marys Northport 11

Marys Northport 6

Marys Northport 13

Marys Northport 3

Marys Northport 14

Marys Northport 4

marys Northport 16

Marys Northport 17

Marys Northport 18

Marys Northport 19

Marys Northport 10

Marys northport 7

Marys Northport 9

Marys Northport 20

Check out her Facebook page for up-to-date information on her lunch specials and bakery listings. If you are ever in the Historic downtown Northport area, you must stop by and see for yourself!