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Friday Favorites 24: The Good Bad and Ugly

good bad ugly


The Good:

I went back to CrossFit. And I loved it. And I love my new CrossFit gym, CrossFit Candor. Love the people, the philosophy, the workouts, and how they fit into my paleo world (shorter metcons, focus on strength, focus on FORM vs. time).  This was my welcome back workout. I was pleased to get a max strict press of 55#. For the workout, I did 30#.

The Bad and Ugly:


And they are really good. REALLY GOOD. I’m going to enjoy these for Valentine’s Day since I wasn’t planning anything crazy anyway. These…are the real deal. Crunchy, great taste, no high-fructose corn syrup, but plenty of sugar. And plenty of yummy. I’m going to enjoy these.

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