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Land of the Living

I’m almost beginning to recognize my “old” self. I have to admit, I feel better after just a few days of better-not-near-perfect eating and haphazard strenght workouts with some consistent running. I was once a person who enjoyed whatever process I was working through. After being stuck for so long in a bad place, I’m feeling anxious to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. But I know the process is the whole point. Looking in the mirror every morning is the point. Being okay with the snail’s pace is not easy, but it’s non-negotiable.

Breakfast this morning was so good. Scrambled eggs, crispy pulled pork, and shredded potatoes held me over for about 6 hours.

2015-07-27 12.41.14-1

For dinner, I made some roasted broccoli, baked some salt+pepper potatoes and some salmon. I made a coconut-lime sauce with some spicy Rogan Josh seasoning.

These are some magic shoes. I often rotate shoes, depending on type of surface, length of run, and frequency of wear. But these Sauconys are feeling great lately so I am reaching for them out of my huge pile of shoes.

2.5 miles and no regrets. Slow, but consistent.

2015-04-01 06.33.47-1

Exactly this.

2015-07-27 17.23.28

A repeat workout from over a year ago. I set the timer for 20 minutes because I wanted to feel totally wasted after.

Mission accomplished.

april 14