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I’ve been busy….

working some fat off! This is me in my school group picture. I cried when I saw it and immediately made a copy, cut out the kids, and kept this in my planner for “inspiration”, I guess you could say. I wasn’t ready to do anything about it then. I was still struggling daily, hourly, it seems, with depression. It took another few months and literally climbing a mountain to finally pull out of that dark place and start living again. The right side is me last night. I feel so much better!

before after midway

So, what is the secret? I wish I could say that it’s easy.

1. Keto. I cut the sugar completely. My sugar, I mean my daily Coke habit, sweet tea, most fruits, and all other sources like stress jar candy. (yes, it’s a thing. Don’t judge Winking smile )

2. I am eating/drinking a lot of FAT. Good fat.

3. I do not think or count calories. I just eat protein, vegetables, and fat. I will occasionally add some starchy vegetables like potatoes.

4. I walked a ton and ran a few miles a week. I did not up my running mileage but I did greatly increase my walking.

As an avid Whole 30 and Paleo fan, I’m ashamed to put these pictures out there. I was at my healthiest weight and loving a 2 year journey with those 2 approaches to health. After we lost the baby, I kept thinking the depression would gradually go away and it DID NOT. A year and half later, I finally started to see and feel some changes mentally, emotionally, and physically.

So what’s next? I have a ways to go. These pictures are a great starting point, but I’m not done. The weight fell off so fast with the first weeks of keto and now I’m slowing down to 1-3 lbs a week. I’m also not strict keto because I’m adding more starchy carbs as my half marathon training is ramping up. I also know from experience that training for a race can cause my body to hold on to every calorie. I won’t panic over stalls and plateaus but I’m so glad I’ve now removed 30lbs of weight off my frame.

I’ll share more as I start posting more. I have recipes and book reviews and racing tips and training plans to talk about. I also plan to start the very large September Whole 30 that’s coming up soon! More details soon Smile

Thanks for reading, those who still check in!


Friday 26th of August 2016

How happy you must be! And the important thing is not necessarily the weight loss and how you look, but how. you. feel. What a blessing! Keep your chin up :) and have a great year at school.