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Trucks by the Tracks

One of the things I’m ecstatic about seeing around town is the increase in food trucks! I have seen them at farmer’s markets in Birmingham and they are a mainstay in markets out west. I thought it would take a few more years to see Tuscaloosa and Northport allow food trucks to operate, but they have gained a steady popularity this summer. While Tuscaloosa is still meeting and discussing the downtown district, Northport created a local event once a month just for food trucks. A few weeks ago, I got to visit Trucks by the Tracks and I am hoping for a few more dates this fall.

The “Tracks” refer to this wonderful section of train trestle at the end of historic Main street in downtown Northport. The live band played right along with the whistles and the sounds of trains on a wood trestle.

Trucks by the Tracks 3

Several different varieties of food trucks lined the large area down the street. There were some seating bleachers and picnic tables in the shade.

Trucks by the Tracks 4

Two of my favorite food trucks. Tea Town Alabama and Local Roots. I can not say enough about Tea Town. I have a post just for my favorite food truck in the works. There have been some hints about their store front fall events. You want to get in on that, trust me!

Trucks by the Tracks 6

A hot summer night with some cold Watermelon mint. I might drop by later and see if the Gardners can make a Peach mint for me.

Tea Town Alabama

I have major love for Local Roots. They have a great menu of a few key dishes that rotate depending on their ingredient availability. The “local” part is legit. They source from area farms, which is right up my sweet southern sustainable alley. I love reading that my arugula came from the same farm that I get my CSA basket from each week.

Eat Local Roots

This is a thing of beauty. This is the Honey Pig (no bun..gluten…a big nope). I’m not sure which part was my favorite. The homemade pickles stood out first and then the sauce and pork took me to happy places. My only regret was not ordering 2 so I could have it for lunch.

local roots tuscaloosa

Even though the weather was sweltering (as is common in July in Alabama), this food truck event was fantastic. I certainly plan to be back and to stay a while to take in the changing of the seasons and the simple pleasures of good food with good people. That’s the Alabama way.

Trucks  by the Tracks 2


Friday 26th of August 2016

Tea Town watermelon mint is my favorite!