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Coming Up in January

white rustic wood texture backgroundThe ball dropped into a new year and that means some bright and shiny new things coming up in January. Along with recipes and running talk, I have a couple of features this month including some link ups with a few other bloggers. This will be the first year I’ve participated in link ups and I’m pretty excited about that.  These will be daily life things, tips, life lately type of posts and I love these because I learn so much from others. I may actually help one other person in this little corner of the web. Some of my best life hacks have come from random blog posts. 

I also have a few fitness posts planned, including a return to CrossFit after a year hiatus. I’m also filling in my running race calendar. I have 3 books on my TBR list that are instant-buys coming out in January and I’m ready for cold weather and reading by the fire.

Speaking of cold weather, have you heard of hygge? Check out the hashtag on Instagram. I’m very interested in this and hope to have a post about it in January. I heard about this in a group discussing the depression that often follows Christmas day when all the holiday euphoria is suddenly over.

And last but not least, I usually avoid the usual lose-weight-resolution. However, my pants are tight. I hurt when I sneeze. And opening pickle jars is no longer an easy task. Keto begins Jan 7th and recipes and meal plans will soon follow. I’ve had great success with it in the past and it is the best thing that has ever worked to make me not only drop a few pants sizes, but have a substantial gain in energy and mental clarity. More on this coming up in January!


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