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Look for Me-Book Review


Lisa Gardner is flawless in her ability to write stories that grip you from the first page and hold you until the end. What sets her apart from others is that she writes more than just what the book descriptions can tell you. Yes, there is a mystery and there was a crime and there are 2 vivid characters hunting for the answers. However, this book is heart-wrenching and poignant and absolutely unforgettable.

A family of 5 is now down to a family of 1 (and 2 dogs). Roxy’s 2 siblings and 2 parents are brutally murdered and Roxy is missing with 2 blind dogs. D.D. Warren and her confidential informant, Fiona (from a previous book) are searching for the answers. Is Roxy a victim or suspect?

Woven into this mystery is a vivid view of the family dynamics including a time in the foster care system, living with addictions, step-families, and a young girl’s thoughts written for a school assignment. Through these chapters that Roxy writes, you get such a technicolor vision of Roxy and all the hopelessness and yet..hope that she experiences and desires. This is what makes Lisa Gardner absolutely amazing.

Thank you, NetGalley and Dutton for this copy for my honest review and opinions. I look forward to more from Lisa Gardner.