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Comfort foods without gluten

What a day. It was definitely a Monday! If it could go wrong, it did. But, hey, I have a job that I love. I just wish I FELT better.

Enter Udi’s bread.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned how good this is.

grilled cheese2

But I never got this kind of crispy brown outside and airy soft bread inside along with gooey cheese out of a dense wheat bread. This just looks good to flu sufferers. All that is left is the chicken soup and I hope to get that made later this week.

Until then, some hot chocolate will help a little Winking smile.


I am trying not to rush the holidays but I am trying to rush sickness recovery. I’m so ready to return to CrossFit and RUN again. Each day, the ribs seems to get a fraction better and I’ll subconsciously use them more and then be sore the next day. I haven’t had a major rib dislocation in a few days so maybe the scar tissue is holding tight. I’m thinking positive!