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I sense a theme with me lately. Maybe it’s the holidays. This is a crazy time of year. And while I love the lights, the movies, the happy kids singing at school, the baking, the just being “in the spirit”, the season also has demands. No, I don’t HAVE to send Christmas cards or bake gluten-free desserts, or post those “picture-a-day” Instagrams. But I WANT to do all those things and more. After all, the lights and trees and seasonal pictures will all disappear in January.

Maybe it’s the ongoing lack of being able to function like a normal healthy person. I’m walking around holding my ribs like that’s going to prevent them from “slipping” or tearing away again. It happens every couple of days and I’m back to breathing short panting breaths to keep the pain level down. Maybe it’s just getting older and more introspective. Maybe it’s a fancy word that sounds better than “lazy”.

But lately, I’m feeling like the magic is in the simple.

Simple ingredients.


Simple results


Simple health. Lemons, rosemary, garlic, and chickpeas. Mix it all up and dip raw vegetables. So simple. So good. So good for ME right now.