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April Abs Plank Challenge


One of the best forms of cross-training is training your abs/core. This month, I’ll be teaming up with others to complete the April Abs Challenge with Puma. What that means is that I’ll attempt to increase my plank hold time each day until I reach 3 minutes. As part of the challenge, there is a contest for a chance to win a set of Puma Soundchuck Speakers. These are portable speakers for use anywhere you need tunes. Planking on the beach? bring your soundchucks. Or in my case, planking in the frost-bitten grass since it’s still cold IN ALABAMA!

Plank Challenge

So what’s the big deal about planking? In two words: They work. I can sit up all day long or I can try to hold a plank for 1 minute. Both can get me feeling some soreness by the end of the day, but my plank attempt brings the soreness to ALL my abdominal muscles.

Here is a basic plank video.


It looks easy, but once I tried it, I was shocked at how weak my core really is. Adding in a daily plank hold will go a long way to building a stronger core so maybe I can get some better lifts in my CrossFit class. Stronger core muscles help hold me up straighter during long distance running. I have a tendency to slouch when I’m fatigued. Planks can help with that, as well.

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Tuesday 23rd of September 2014

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