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Let’s go running

Spring break was very very busy! But I did get in some CrossFit and some running. Right now I’m just trying to maintain basic mileage and get in 3 XF workouts a week, either at the box or at home. I have a couple of races coming up soon, a 10k this weekend and a couple of trail runs when the weather warms up a little. I found this poster at Zazzle, and it was the first one I ordered for the office. I LOVE this.

I’m hoping the weather will cooperate this week because the RiverWalk is calling my name. We have a very intense next few weeks at school so I need my therapy miles ASAP.

Yes, this is a public service announcement just confirming that I still run for food…not just doing Extreme Makeovers Office edition. My Whole 30 is almost over and while I’m detailing that, I am enjoying the way my miles are feeling effortless and energetic lately.

However..I’m still slow. And that’s okay with me. I can go far, just not very fast.